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Wakeboard and boots help!


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I'm an beginner/intermediate rider that can sometimes jump wake to wake behind my I/O. I just bought a 2012 23LSV that I'll be getting in April and I'm wondering what board I should buy. I currently have a Tripp 138 with open toe boots and it seems ok but I haven't really ridden any other boards and what to get a board that will help me progress. I don't expect that I'll ever do inverts but wake to wake and 180's and 360's I hope are in my future at the least. I've looked at the Ronix Vault and the concept seems pretty cool but I've read that some people think that in the end it will hold people back because it is asymmetrical. What do you guys think? Thanks!

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I just posted on this on this page so did many others may help you out. Also get a shorter rope that way you can get wake to wake every time then you can start getting comfortable in the air and the jump and learn to pop better. I use a 50ft and I was in your spot at the beginning of the year. Picked up a 50ft rope road it shorter for a few days then moved it out. Was ready to ride heal side wake to wake shortened it learned in a day. Same with 180 when I felt ready I shortened it till I got better and then slowly bring it out. I took the 10ft out and went 5ft at a time. Just my 2 cents.


LF Classic is a nice board and it want hold you back.

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Congrats on the boat!

Funny co-ink-ah-dink, my first board was a 138 trip with open toes. still use it for guests, but I won't get near it. My other boards, with boots just for me to use, are much more fun. Imo don't buy one board that is going to do everything. Buy 2 :)

I have a continuous rocker board, flex, with zero base features and a 3 stage board with lots of channels. I love having both on board for whatever the mood calls for.

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Just dump the boots and get a wakeskate. I love mine and the crashes are easier on you. Plus, I have found that the wakeskate doesnt catch an edge as easy as well.

I was thinking of getting a wakeskate as well after all the diggers I took this year. What is the best one to get? Bi-level, single? Too many options.

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