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Flame arrester removed---excessive engine RPM's 2003Indmar 335

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Winterization procedures

2003 Response LXi new to me this year.

Removed flame arrester....ran engine to place antifreeze...excessive rpms....waited for self adjustment and none occurred....

Excessive to the point my left ear is SERIOUSLY ringing.

With flame arrester in normal position.....normal idle RPM's

Is there a setting that I'm missing?

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What I called the flame arrestor was in actuality the trottle body cover.

Should I just shoot fogging oil up under the cover through the air filter opening?

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You can take the flame arrestor off though? While leaving the throttle body intact?

If yes, do that and just barely open the throttle so the flaps open enough to spray in there. I used to spray a fair amount in there.

Now, I take the spark plugs out, and spray directly in those.

Steve B.

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Found the hole in the flap....sprayed oil througn hole in flap....at idle speed

With the excessive air and increase throttle during the time the engine cover (plenum?) I was able to clean the garage floor even though I was parked in the driveway....the water in the exhaust hit the back wall of the garage during the high rev period :biggrin:

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not looking to flame you (or get flamed). just looking for the unusual reason behind the high rpm issue.

i don't know you or your level of expertise, guessing perhaps it's a terminology/operator problem?

using the pix below, are you opening the 'throttle shaft/blade assy' to spray oil? that would cause engine rpm to increase.

you used the term 'flame arrester'. it would be mounted on top of the throttle body (shown in pix) to control back-fire.


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Did you remove the plenum (6 or 8 allen bolts) on the top of the engine? Or did you fully open the butterfly valve behind the air filter?

Either way you obviously ran the engine WOT to fog, not a great idea. I'd consult a marine tech or an experienced friend before you try this again.

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Yes I removed the plenum (the engine cover) Won't do that again.

Was able to fog through small hole in the throttle blade....at idle speed.

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