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Flight Craft 96 wake... yikes

smooth as glass

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A friend has a Flightcraft. Finally skied behind it. I was hopeful it would be comparable to my 2000Sunsetter LXi. I tried all line lenghts and 32 off was ok but still a hard double dip that is hard to ignore. Is this typical? Would prop change help? I was frankly surprised. Smaller shorter hull. What's the deal.?

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I'm kinda surprised really. Was it an outboard flightcraft? From my experience though, I'd say smaller, shorter isn't always better.

Steve B.

little edit: so not to hijack, want to start a best wake topic?

Edited by Steve B.
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what year Flighty sportster was it?

Did it have a 3 or 4 blade prop?

My 93 was and my friends 92 were/are both awesome slalom boats,,,

I ran my 93 at 22 off and 35 mph....excellent....

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I am pretty sure that was not made in 1996...thought last year for the Flightcraft Sportster was 95...but 1st off, I would go back to a 3 blade....the 1994 and newer versions had the same hull as a 93, but they made the upper portion of the boat bigger and roomier, which I am told ruined (maybe too harsh of a word) the wakes....

But certainly change props as they make all the difference in wakes

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My 94 is a nightmare to slalom behind with either the 3 or 4 blade props I have. The wake is small but rock hard and throws me onto my back foot every time. It's got a terrific hard/smooth/defined barefoot wake, but I would prefer to slalom on most v-drives before my flighty.

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wow, I heard the wake went south after the changes to the 93 hull....but had no idea it was that bad....

loved my 93 and we still slalom behind my buddies 92 and it is almost as nice a mine was....the only difference was he runs a different prob than I did on my 93...

Sean Q...just curios, what make and si\ze/pitch props are you running?

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