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Pictures of your 22MXZ and opinions


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I'm a big fan of the VLX, but a bigger fan of the MXZ. The wakeboard wake on the MXZ is the best wake I've ever ridden on, and I've ridden the majority of the latest and greatest wakeboard boats. The boat handles amazingly well even when fully weighted, has plenty of room, and looks great. Obviously I am relatively bias having just ordered my second MXZ, but I'm a huge fan.

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I love the MXZ, but will more than likely go with a 13 VLX just because of the price diffrence. The MZX is quite a bit more just for the boat, plus most say you need an engine upgrade over the monsoon. 10 to 15 grand is alot of money and the VLX is a really nice boat!

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I am also in this dilemma. 2012 MXZ or 2013 VLX? Both will be close to the same money. I am leaning toward the VLX though. If anyone wants a 2012 MXZ, my dealer has a really nice one left!

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Guys i see your problem. I had 3 vlx's from 2010 to now. This year i just wanted something new. But the 22 mxz was simply not affordable. So i decided to go with the 20 mxz. I know thats not really an option for a lot of people as they need more space. But i figured i dont really need a big boat as i have a nice spot where i wakeboard off a dock.

I will post a comparison in the next season when i receive my mxz.

The vlx was a pretty good boat thought. Everyone loved it. In my opinion its a matter of money! Those mxz things are very expensive. The 20 mxz costs actually the same as a vlx, sometimes even a little more...

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Boy I don't know that I'd opt for a 20mxz over a VLX. I would have to think the wake potential for the VLX much better which is what should be important to those running a wake boat.

Stock to stock the wake on the 22 MXZ is better than the 23 LSV, so I would have to guess the 20 MXZ should be as good or better than the VLX. Just speculation though. I bet we hear more about the wake nice they had two of them at the dealer metering this week.

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I know I took some risk there. The wake is the top priority for me but as the 20 mxz is 300 pounds heavier and smaller than the vlx it was my guess that the wake of the 20 should be pretty decent.

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Do you know what blue that is? I guess its dark blue. Looks nice!

Um dont think its the dark blue. Pretty sure its the lighter vapor blue. I saved one i liked with the dark blue i will post later.

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Really love my VLX, but thinking of changing it up. Show me how good it looks and your opinions. Love it? Hate it? The good the bad. Kind of on the fence with this one.

Here's you a wake shot with 3k total ballast, wedge 25%, 23.5 mph.


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The hulls are definitely different (my dealer confirmed this when I asked the same question). Also, from everything I've read the MXZ wake is bigger with more of a lip than the VLX wake.

I'm curioius if I'd notice the difference...

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