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Engine Alarm

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Hey Guys,

Hoping someone can set me on the path. I have an 02 response, with the Indmar Carby engine. Is running fine, but on the last outing it had an alarm sound. When starting there is an alarm that goes off until the engine is running, Usually beeps from memory.

Anyway when we were running the alarm was on, but not load. Had to stick your head under the dash to hear it. Then it would go. The engine oil pressure and water temps were fine. Running at home on the hose it is the same deal. All appears to be in order. However the alarm that used to sound when turning on the ignition is also now gone. So this used to sound untill the engine was running, so symptom seems to be the alarm in both states of operation.

So should i be concerned? My thought was a PIZO alarm has died. I hear they can lock on when dyeing. But on inspection i cannot find and alarm like this under the dash. My fear is it might be fine now, but one day when i need the alarm it will not be there to save me. I was hoping to use it again this weekend but need to understand this issue first. I have spoken to the local dealer and they are not sure. Sounds like it could be an expensive exercise for them to go on a seek & find mission.

Anyone had this issue, or got any ideas on where i might start looking to find the fault whether that be instrumentation on engine. If so any offings would be great.



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Thanks Mate,

But i think i have it sorted. Apart from the fact i have virtually striped the dash trying to find this alarm i still cannot find it. But i think i have traced it to the oil presure switch having failed. When i remove the wire off the terminal and put it to ground on the block it sounds as it should. So the alarm is fine.

I have got a new switch which i will collect and fit tomorrow. I think this will be the source of the problem. Fingers crossed this is the issue.

Thanks again for the help.


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Sounds like you have it isolated. Just be sure to turn engine off before removing the oil pressure switch (J/K). Normally the alarm is fed with a +12 volts and the sensors (really switches) supply the ground of the circuit, thereby completing it and activating the horn.

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