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10 blade or 8 blade impeller.......huh?

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In my '89 Skier (standard chev 350 mercruiser with 260hp) I have an all bronze Jabsco water pump (see pic) instead of the more typical steel pump with plastic snout. I like the bronze pump as it seems to be well built so I'd like to stick with it.

I wanted to replace the impeller in it as part of some off-season maintenance. Upon disassembly I discovered that this pump has a 10 blade impeller installed instead of the more typical 8 blade (see pic). Dimensionally they look the same - same 3/4 shaft, 2" length and 2 9/16 overall diameter - just the one that came out has two more blades.

I have a spare (new) 8 blade impeller. I'm just not sure if using it is the right move. Does anyone know if this bronze Jabsco pump needs the 10 blade impeller to work properly?

Thanks in advance.



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Exact same impeller that I my old 90 skier uses...same set up Merc used for 30+years...not sure where ya got a 10 vane impeller from...anything stamped/printed along either side of the hub as to who made it?

ANd same pump, I just had the Mercruiser version...I replaced the barrel/snout (there the impellor rotates), as the Merc version is some kinda plastic and was showing signs of wear after 20+ years. Got that from skidim.

Just be careful when putting it back together and plumbing it. You can plumb it for Rh or LH rotation...your baby is LH rotation....Should be stamped above each hose inlet/outlet which is which. I also replaced the intake hose, 1 1/2 dia hose, as it was 20+ years old and showing signs that it had seen better days. Do not go cheap if replacing, as you need the wire encased hose, so it does not collapse from the suction the pump creates....The house is not cheap...$10/ft if I remember...you'''ll need a tad over 3 ft.......but peace of mind is always a good thing.

Not trying to take business away from skidim, but if you have a good NAPA close by, they can get you most stuff you need, if not that same day, the next day..and a tad cheaper. I forgot what I paid for the impellor, but I think is was 29.95....but then ya gotta pay tax!! But the NAPA folks have to know what they are doing...they might be a tad better in the samaller farming type stores??

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Thanks guys, good advice, much appreciated.

Yup, I did replace the inlet hose with good quality marine-grade coolant hose with a wire rib. The one that was in there was original, and where it had been contacting the floor of the bilge it was just about worn through. No doubt the occasional bit of oil or fuel in the bilge didn't help it's longevity - good to get it replaced as it's below the water line and there's no shut off valve at the through-hull fitting.

I have a 10 vane impeller on order, just for comparison sake. Will check it out and see if it's the same in every other regard.

Yes, thanks, will keep in mind the rotation and inlet/outlet configuration - I took a few pics of it all as it was coming apart so it shouldn't be a problem.


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Quick update here for anyone that may be rebuilding this same bronze Jabsco pump. I found the official Jabsco data sheet on this pump (43210-0001) online here: http://www.pumpagents.com/pdf/JabscoPumps/43210-0001.pdf

It does show a 10 blade impeller as the correct replacement impeller (pn# 17594-0001) and these are available on ebay and such for around $30 bucks. I ordered a spare - good to have on board as this pump's impeller can be replaced easily on the water if necessary.

Thanks all.

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HI Cliff,

I just pulled my Jabsco 43210-0001 pump apart and I too had the 10 blade impeller. I bought a new one at the marine store and all they had were an 8 blade. The new one was identical in size except for the blade count. I am wondering, did you ever use the 8 blade in your pump, if you did how did it perform? I'm hoping to get back on the water tomorrow morning using the 8 blade (if it seems to work).

Thanks for the post.


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