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New 8.3 Ronix Ballast Sacs (Better/Faster than Fly Highs?)


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I'll probably try picking up a 400 for my aisle way and maybe an 100 for my bow if they look like they will actually be that much quicker. With PNP in the rear, it would be nice to get the rest of the boat weighted super quick. I've never, minded filling one or two sacks manually with fly high pumps, but on the occasions where we are in a rush to get on or off the water it would be nice to save a few minutes. I like that Ronix is always trying to innovate!

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My thoughts:

- The fill time comparison is total BS. Hook that same monster pump to the Fly High back to a single port and the fill times would be similar; put a Y-valve and 2-ports and it would be identical.

- Drain times are hard to say in comparison without hooking that pump up backwards to the Fly High sack.

- I guarantee that zip-up portion of that sack WILL leak in less than 2 years...and more likely less than 2 months.

- I hate filling all sacks manually and having them laying everywhere. That's why EVERYTHING in my boat is hidden and on impeller pumps. 4 bags (2 lockers, under port seat for surfing, and bow).

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The pump comparison makes sense for draining. There used to be some 2000gph Rule pumps that you could get with the old water bed fittings on them. They were useless though because they wouldn't stay primed when draining a normal fat sack. If you can submerge the pump for draining and filling it will help with reducing the time of the total process. Agreed, Ideal setup is having them all plumbed. I have 6 tanks/sacks plumbed....just need to find a good way to do the other 3 and keep a boat long enough to make it worth it :)

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best thing will be saks with built in pump( reversible) with a sensor to stop when it fills . so you just plug them in through hose overboard and get ready to ride with no

need to worry about water leaking ,holding the hose on bag ,getting water into boat when you pull pump out ,...

and maybe even saks that can connect to one another and fill and empty same time...

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Personally, I wouldn't want a large open section of the bag to potentially let more water in the boat, when emptying. I agree about how that system will fair after lots of use, velcro..zipper... Keep it Simple!

On larger bags, (Enzo sac..etc..) we use two pumps and it rolls pretty good!

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