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Strange behavior when winterizing

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I have a 98 malibu echelon with a monsoon engine. I went to winterize the boat today and had a strange thing happen. I have winterized this boat several times and this has never happened. I hooked the hose up to the intake hose to get the engine to operating temps. It took the water in just fine and spit it out the back. I drained the block and the manifolds and then I attempted to pour RV marine antifreeze into the intake hose. The engine wouldn't suck the antifreeze in. I took a look at the impeller and it looked to be fine, but I didn't pull it out to inspect it. What else would cause the engine not to pull the antifreeze through? It took about 1 gallon over several attemps. It would initially suck some through and then it would stop and when I would cut the engine it would spit it back down the intake hose. I have a new impeller on the way but I won't install it until the spring. could it be the water pump? Any suggestsion woudl be appreciated.

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Sounds like the impeller is not sealing. I have had that happen more than once. Just replace it and you should be fine. You cannot tell that the impeller is bad in theses cases just by looking at it.

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Mine did that to me last year. Are you pouring some in, then cranking it and then quickly trying to add more, but it is taking what you had poured in before cranking it, just not what you are adding?

I had to get a second set of hands, one to crank the boat, and me steadily pouring in to keep the hose full instead of it loosing its prime I guess. It finally took everything I had out and ready to pour.

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It's obviously your boat trying to let you know that it doesn't want to be winterized. It wants to keep getting wet. :thumbup:

You just need a drysuit, a heater, and an icechest full of hot water. :rockon: Oh, and a lake that doesn't freeze. :lol:

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