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Late model medallion instrumentation and warning horn question

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I have 2012 Malibu Australia built Response LXR with the medallion gauges and malibu in dash graphical display with the precision cruise control with the indmar Lcr 330hp engine. When I turn the key on the dash takes around 4 seconds to power up. I can hear the fuel pump prime straight away. When the starter engages the dash goes blank and de- powers and comes on again 4 seconds after engine start. I was wondering if this might be normal for the time lag. The reason I ask is because in the manual it states I should get an engine warning beep as a test when I first turn the key on. It also states I will get an aural beep when the cruise control has engaged. The boat is operating fine in all aspects other than not getting the appropriate beeps when it should and the time lag in the instruments power on.

In case anybody is wondering the LXR is a new model for oz basically the 20 foot lx hull with a walk through bow instead on stepping over the dash. I have tested the power to the warning beeper and it does get a small signal of volts briefly but not enough to sound it. I am wondering if something not quite right with instrumentation computer. It has done it from new and I after a consensus before I take to dealer. Thanks from oz

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Thanks for the response. Battery seams good with 12.4 volts showing with engine off. It is a single battery set up and very new. I am fairly sure it is an electrical issue. Are u able to confirm your instrumentation powers up immediately when first turn the key on.


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That always happens to me. I have a 2007 Sunscape 23LSV. I turn on the key, wait for all the gauges to power up and then turn the key to start the engine. As soon as I do that, all the gauges power down and then start up again. It's always done that since the boat was brand new. I am not sure if we have the same kind of gauges or not, but I wouldn't worry about it. But since you're still under warranty and it bugs you, I'd take the boat into the dealer. They might be able to read a fault code or something

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Thank you very much for that link to the other post a useful chart and info. I will take some meter readings directly off the battery before and after isolater switch and see how I fair. Thanks

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It should definitely beep when cruise engages.

My 08 Sunscape's gauges have a lag at key on. Takes about 2-3 seconds. This means if the key is turned to start the engine straight off the bat, the gauges are not quite on yet. A friends LXI is exactly the same.

Dealer time.......

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Also note that reading a battery voltage when the engine is not running may not tell you everything. Better to check it under load (ie when the engine is cranking) that way a dead cell will show up. Maybe also check the voltage while the engine is running to make sure the battery is being correctly charged - 13.8 volts if I remember correctly :)

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basically, 12.4 is only 80% charged.

Even though a battery reads 100%, it really isn't charged up past 80% at full charge. And you should never let a battery go below 50%. So considering this, you really only have 30% usability of a battery.

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