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1996 echelon alarm

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G'day all

I recently purchased a 96 echelon lx with the 315hp black scorpion mercruiser and have a ear piercing alarm sounding when the engine starts. The alarm sounds for a few seconds and goes away, does this every time I start the boat. I noticed last time I was out the computron flashed up knock sensor error code 43, same as the alarm does this once then goes away till you start the boat again. Just wondering if the alarm is due to the error or if its something else, the motor runs great and all gauges seem to be reading ok just need to get rid of that damn annoying alarm.


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well here's a coincidence, I also have a 96 Echelon LX with a black scorpion. I purchased this boat in mid 2011 from a guy that imported it from Fresno CAL. I too have this same alarm sound when starting, not sure where the alarm is though. I belive the alarm is to warn others the engine is about to start "keep clear"

I have downloaded all the electrics diagrams if you would like it, might help.

My computron works well, ive heard they can fail and unable to be replaced based on company no longer exists.

My Echelon has the works, runs very well and is a geat boat (touch wood), nice to know someone else has the same boat package to compare as i haven't seen another LX on the water.



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The alarms signal when you start to let you know the alarms are in proper working order.

They should go on at key on, then off after a few seconds. any alarm that stays on is telling you something is wrong - high heat, trans heat, etc.

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The alarm isnt the the normal warning you get when turning the ignition on, if I turn the ignition 1 click I get the normal test alarm but then once ive engaged the starter and the motor fires up I get a louder more high pitched alarm for a few seconds. Cant find any real reason for it except maybe the stored error code. Havent worried about it too much as the boats running fine its just more annoying than anything else.

Howdy Col

Thanks for the offer of the diagrams but already got them

My computron is still going strong also although I find I rarely use any of the features

The boat has been good so far the only real dramas we had is a bit of vapour lock after a big session on hot days.

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I had a '95 Echelon that I sold last year. It too would sound the alarm just as you turn the key to the run position and while starting until the engine fired. I looked at the wiring diagram I had and the alarm system on mine monitors engine temp, oil pressure and if I'm not mistaken trans temp too. Since there is no oil pressure until the engine spins over at a suffcient rate.....the alarm should sound under this condition. The sounding device is located under the dash toward the lefthand side of the steering wheel. I would not recommend disconnecting it though. If you (the owner) are riding behind and you have a friend driving who is not very good at monitoring the guages and something does go wrong....it might not get caught in time.

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