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Power Wedge Gauge Stuck

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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to find a thread that may have a similar power wedge problem that I am currently having, but I couldn't find anything.

I hope that someone could shed some light into this.

I have a 2007 VLX SE with a power wedge, and now the wedge gauge is stuck in between "biggest" wake and fully tucked position. This happened because I was stupid enough to deploy the wedge above 10 MPH, which typically popped the 30A fuse.

The MUX switch works perfectly fine, and my power wedge will move up and down without any problems. It's just that my gauge is stuck at that one position and every time I cruise above 25MPH, the boat thinks that the wedge is down and beeps the "wedge down" warning on the dash.

I contacted the factory and Dan sent me the attached file along with some instructions:

I believe you are saying that your wedge does move with the up or down buttons. Please see attached to verify wedge adjustment is correct on your wedge. If wedge adjustment looks good then proceed to next step.

To get your gauge and wedge in sync together, you must disconnect the wedge actuators from the wedge foil, and operate the wedge all the way to the down position. While someone operates the wedge from inside the boat, have someone monitor the speed and the length of each actuators stroke. If one actuator stroke is longer than the other, simply turn the actuator piston by hand like threading in a bolt to make the stroke of each actuator the same. While the actuators are disconnected from the wedge, also notice the operation of the gauge. Does it move correctly? If so, reconnect actuators to wedge and see if it operates correctly.

Next, check wedge adjustment again, adjust if necessary, check wedge operation again.

To raise power wedge with boat out of water, simply unscrew paddle wheel port side of v-drive unit, and spin paddle wheel with finger while someone pushes “up” button on dash.

I've tried it, and the gauge is still stuck. The actuators are working properly...

Before I contact the factory again, has anyone experienced any similar issues?

I've read here and there within this forum about "recalibration". Does the 07 VLX have the recalibrate feature? The only options I saw were manual vs. power wedge selection in the menu.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

2006 Power Wedge Adjustment.pdf

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Hey, I felt that pain this summer. My power wedge was in the up position, but the guage read it was down, so the alarm was going off at 25+mph as you stated. My dealer came out immediately saying it can be either the modulator ($300) or one or both power rams went out ($600 each if I recall correctly). They diagnosed the problem, ordered a modulator, and installed it within the week and had me back on the water.

Get a dealer to check it out, and good luck. For your wallet's sake, I hope it's the modulator.

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I am currently sending my control box to get it tested for the same problem. Here is the person I have dealt with. This is the second control box on this boat. My problem occurred from a low battery and I also contacted Malibu to get the same results of trying all of the above .

Christain Schirmer <[email protected]>

Christain Schirmer

Senior Customer Service, Technical Support, Warranty

4700 SE Municipal Ct., Stuart, FL 34997

772.288.2662 ext 110 / 772.288.2566 fax

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Thank you everyone for your input. I'm going to give that actuator alignment one more try with a friend who's well experienced with boat maintenance and see what he says about it. I'm scratching my head as I read your replies because Dan from Malibu has not said anything about the modulator being bad or being checked.

Does anyone know where the modulator is and/or where the fuse(s) is(are) for the modulator?

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Mine was probably a 2" x 3" black box mounted behind the power wedge switch up under the dash board. There's an inline fuse just a few inches from the box itself if I recall correctly. My dealer went down the same path, checked the fuse, and it wasn't blown, so determined that wasn't the issue.

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