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Oil change pump only getting about 3.5 quarts out

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Bought an electric oil change pump and only could get about 3 and a half quarts out before it started to suck air... Checked oil before and it was fill , and only took about the same to get it back to the full mark on dip stick... Only one else have trouble getting all the oil out?

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Did my 350 Monsoon last weekend and I never get more than @ 4 qts out. I did start draining immediately after I shut if off which netted me a little bit more oil than I normally get. Did you count the oil filter oil also? The way my remote filter adapter is mounted has the open end of the filter facing up which is good for over 1/2 qt of oil when I refill the new NAPA Gold 1069.

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No, I didn't account for what was in the filter, so it was about 4 including the filter. I figured with the angle of the engine , I should have been able to get most of it... I was pretty sure that I was all the down to the pan with the tube as well... Was scared at first that I was low on oil... But after filling, it only a little more than 3 to get it to the full mark, which made me feel a little better...

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We are still going to have some left over oil in the block in the gallies, lines and other nooks and cranies. I know alot of guys on here swear by their vacuum oil drain pumps :), but I have never really trusted them to get everything out. Fortunately my drain line drops straight down out of the bottom of the boat and I don't have to mess with them! This 50 hours, I got just a hair over 4 qts out. It was a dot low on the dip stick, but not low enough to need filling so I feel pretty confident I got everything out that was going to come out.

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I let my drain for at least a day, but then again, I usually don't have the luxury of starting to drain it once the engine is warm and it drains so slowly when cold. This year, I let it drain a week, just because I didn't have time to get back to it. I then dumped in a fresh quart thinking I'd let it drain through and "flush" the system a bit. Well, nothing ever drained out. I assume it got trapped somewhere, but I don't know where. I went ahead and topped it off with 4 more quarts and I'm ready to go for next season.

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As said a lot of oil in the filter. I charge my filters before I put them on. ( Fill them with oil ) you won't beleave how much oil you will get in the filter. Fill it let it stand for a minute refill do this 3 or 4 times. This will also keep a good supply of oil at start up.

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The OP didn't say what engine he has, but I understand this is a very common problem with the Hammerhead engine. I have to put the nose all the way down and jack up the starboard side to get the extra oil out. When I first changed the oil, and did not know this, I noticed the oil was immediately dirty appearing pretty quickly after, confirming my that I had mixed a quart or two of old with new. Now I get pretty close to a full 5 quarts when I do it that way.

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