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Weighting a MXZ 22


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Hi everyone, first post on here and tried searching quite a bit to get an answer but haven't been successful.

We have recently bought a 22 MXZ with a 350hp engine and the additional bow ballast tank. At our local we are not allowed visible sacks because wakeboats are blamed for causing erosion. Also the lake where we ride isn't very big and we are constantly hitting our own rollers which often then sends the boat to porpoise. Will adding some lead into the bow help the porpoising problem?

Also the standard wake although it is great it still isn't big enough for me yet. Where should i add some lead and even maybe a covered sack to make the most increase in size, while still maintaining the porpoising issue?

I have a flyhigh bow sack, and two 200kg sacks that i could maybe put in the nose and possibly cover with a snap-on bow cover and the two others in the back lockers to help with the wake.

Anyway thats just some thoughts and i would appreciate your help!


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We loaded a 22MXZ for a competition here in New Jersey a little over a month ago now and if you're unable to put visible sacks in the nose I would say start bulking up on lead for the front of the boat. We were running a 1200lb triangle sack, turned around 180* and that really helped the size of the wake. We had 550s in each rear storage area and 10 full size men in the boat, and the wake was massive. But we had the 450hp LS3 motor in the boat and the new acme 2315 prop that is 15x12. That combination made a huge difference on getting the boat up on plane without wasting an entire competition pass.

PS: The boat is currently for sale

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That sounds crazy! We had it weighted with like 200pounds in the nose plus about 10 full sized people for a local comp and the wake was pretty dope. Would like to mimic the same weight but with like 2-3 people in the boat and just use some hidden sacks and lead to make up for the lack of people.

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If you're trying to hide weight I would suggest putting lead in the anchor storage up front. That will give you the most bang for your buck and you can get 2-300lbs up there. You can also stash weight behind the drivers foot panel and up behind the passengers back rest. Finally, Even on lakes that don't allow weight I generally get away with putting a 450lb sack in my aisle way. Just throw some vests, a backpack, and a towel on top of it! Hopefully you don't actually do something where the cops board your vessel. If you can run the aisle way sack and hide another few hundred in the bow, add stock ballast, 10-20% wedge, and another 900lbs or so in the rear and you will be very happy with the wake.

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Cdoogles, Thanks so much! I've gotten hold of some lead recently but only have about half as much as of what it can fit. Have also been using a 200litre sack in the walkway which makes a huge difference. Hopefully going to find some more lead to put in those other places noted and maybe for something under the seats, thanks!

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My pleasure. I've been contemplating getting a removable bow cover to hide the 1000lb bow sack I usually have sitting up there. I dont like the idea of having snaps installed into the fiber glass but I also am not crazy about being able to see the sack up there all the time.....

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Mate! We have identical thoughts. I've been looking at them too for my triangle sack, but don't think we would be able to snaps put on too. I have been seeing some that don't need the snaps to be installed on the boat but not having much luck finding. Had it used for the local comp over the weekend and had around 12 people in it and the wake was so good! Love the MXZ

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