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opinions on white tower?


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I love how my white tower looks... But it's true what they say. They are hard to keep clean. Here are the two areas I've found to be problematic:

1) The hinges, shocks, and knobs of the G3 tower are naturally dirty with grease. That stuff shows smudges on the white tower. It comes off, but not easily.

2) My tower has small black marks on the base from towing with my Evolution cover on. The cover wraps around the base of the tower about 6" up and it's elastic. The wind buffeting creates black wear marks that I haven't been able to remove.

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I have a white G3. Like IXFE said, you get a little black chaffe near the hinges, but no other unreasonable issues.

I scrub mine down roughly monthly with a wet rag during the summer to get all the bug and road grime off, otherwise looks like new.

If you want white get it, nothing unreasOnable compared to the other colors.

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I should have added... I did the white tower because I really wanted a white trailer and I thought the two would look good together. I was right! I get a lot of compliments. Even the dealer went gaga over it when it arrived.

Moral of the story... Get a white trailer too!


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My 2011 had the white tower and trailer. I loved the look of the white tower and trailer together. Although the trailer I had was an Extreme powder coated trailer. The powder coat was rough like the tower finish. It was tough to keep clean, but looked awsome.

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That white textured powder coat that they use on the tower will be constantly showing dirt, rope marks and anything that comes in touch with it that is dirty.I have a white tower for years and will never do it again.

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How does that coating hold up over time? I saw one at the dealer when I picked up my boat and there were already a couple of chips in the edges on a new boat.

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I love my white tower and have no issues in keeping it clean - but then I don't trailer very often. I do however have an issue keeping the board racks looking good as they tarnish very quickly.

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I have white tower and trailer everytime. I get the bug juice on the leading edges, but nothing that a sponge and water can't get off. It's easy to clean overall. I like it because even when in a hot sun you can still grab the tower and not burn your hand.

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