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Amp / Sub issue


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My dealer just installed a new amp and sub. When I get home the sub is not working. The dealer says it worked fine when they testes it out.

The Amp turns on and is not in protection mode. Evrything is wired correctly and I even unhooked everthing and then rewired again. I have a sub control istalled undr the dash that has a green light that is lit when powered up. This lite fades in and out and the sub has nothing. Every now and then there will be faint vibration from the sub and then nothing. Any ideas? I charged the battery up full and still the same thing. I don't know if it is the amp or sub. My guess is the amp is not sending any power to the sub for some reason. Both the amp and sub are Soundstream. I knew I should have tried it at the dealer before I left but it was raining and wanted to get boat back home.

Any ideas?

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Battery voltage would be the first I would check. I do not now how Soundstream reacts to low voltage, but a powered up amp and low output could be a voltage issue. Next, make sure the that if the RCA are connected to a non-fade output off the head-unit that non-fade did not reset to low when the battery switch was turned off. Unplug the sub control so the sub level is controlled by the head-unit volume as an experiment.

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The head unit is the standard black box that came with the 2012 VTX. Checked all RCA s and they are tight. I don't have a multimeter. Battery is fully charged up. I am at a loss.

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Try disconnecting the subwoofer from the amplifier, whether at the subwoofer or amplifier end. Apply a 9 volt transistor radio battery to the subwoofer input for a short moment only. If you get a distinct 'pop' or 'thump' your subwoofer is probably fine and in that case you would look upstream at the electronics. You can hook up the sub amplifier output to most any speaker, even a fullrange speaker, to verify an operational amplifier. But, if the test speaker is not a subwoofer or the speaker is not enclosed then EASY DOES IT on the volume.


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I have tried everything but get a new amp. I have changed out the RCA cables and that has not fixed the problem. The battery is fully charged. The sub every now and then will have a distinct thump to it and then nothing. Do you think the Amp is just toast - even though the green power light is on and the red safety shut off is not lit? I hooked up a separate tower speaker to the amp and nothing there either as someone said to try this. Any ideas? Very frustrating not knowing if it is the amp or sub that is faulty.

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If you get a pronounced thump before the subwoofer output disappears, this is foriegn to any sound that a defective or intermittent subwoofer would make. This clearly points to an issue upstream in the electronics.

If you are a great distance from the installing dealer then unhook the 12 volts at the supply, mark all connections and settings before removal and send the amplifier back to the dealer for a bench check independent of your boat.


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