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noise from transmission/engine

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ok so my 2000 sunsetter vlx is making a scratching/squeaking noise (like metal on metal) when i put it in rev and continues once its back in neutral but once i select forward i noise goes away. im thinking something to do with flex plate or tranny.

has anyone come across this or any tips where to start looking. as im in australia and no dealer anywhere near me ill be repairing it myself, im a diesel fitter so thats not a problem but any tips will be appreciated.

also does anyone no what type of flex plate it will have in it and any other parts that should be changed at the same time


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i've replaced the damper plate on my dd.

never touched a v-drive so some of the following is guess-work but may be worth considering.

if/while you have the v-drive and transmission out it would be a good time to swap the fluids and clean the screens. v-drive have screens?

you probably pull the soft exhaust tubes to get at that damper plate.

if you have lots of hours on the rig this may be a good opportunity to pull and inspect the exhaust manifolds.

you probably need to stock up on lots of swear words, too.

a few of the discussions here make it sound like the damper plate is a nasty job on a v-drive.

i had poor luck w a sach's brand damper plate. lasted less than one season.

buy a top quality replacement. it's not a job you want to repeat next season.

walk in the park w my dd. good luck.

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Bever, I would normally tell you to check/discount the easy obvious noise producers first like the trans coupling bolts, still need to check them though. But because it is still making noise in nuetral I'm thinking flex plate as well. Are you finding any rivets or like material in the bilge? Did some work on my '06 Walters VD and it does have a screen in the sump, but the screen mesh is so large it will only stop stuff bigger than a koala so I wouldn't stress pulling the trans to clean it if the fluid looks good when you drain the VD. Good luck, Bill.

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Probably flex plate, but just to verify, are there any dings in your prop or ever hit anything? If so, check your strut to see if its bent/twisted any. Also check your strut bushings to make sure they are good. Reason I say this is because my 99 VLX just did this and it was because my strut was twisted just enough for the shaft to be rubbing the strut and the bushing had just worn out, but caught it in time before the shaft had any damage to it.

Mine only made the sound in reverse and when I went to neutral until the shaft stopped spinning.

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