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Solution to Misfiring Monsoon 335

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I have often fixed issues using information gained from this site and wanted to share what the solution to my motor problems this summer ended up being in hopes of helping someone else. I spent too many months just trying to get the darn thing to run rather than working on running 35' off.

I have a 2003 Response LX with the 335 Monsoon. At the first of the summer the motor started to misfire periodically and gradually got worse to the point that it would hardly run. I got on the forum and started making a list of things to check or replace. Changed fuel filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, etc. All things that were due to be replaced anyways. Still had problems. Next changed distributor cap and rotor. Ran perfect! Glad that was over...well maybe not. 10 days later motor started to misfire again. Check fuel system pressure, fuel pump, bunch of other sensors, etc. Nothing seemed to work.

The easiest thing may have been to take it to the local dealer, but I just can't stomach $95 / hr. So, found a post on this site that tells you how to read the codes from the ECM. That was a huge key to helping me fix it and worked great. I forget the code, but it indicated a short in the ignition system. Started to look around the motor and in 5 minutes found that the wires that come up and plug into the distributor were rubbing on the sheet metal that covers the ECM and had worn through the insulator just barely. I realized that when I changed the distributor cap, I unplugged those wires and re-installed them and that moved the wires away from the sheet metal, then over those 10 days they moved back into position and started to short again. I fixed the wires and covered them up with some corrugated plastic tube and she ran great. I was crossing my fingers every time I started it for a couple weeks just praying that it stayed fixed this time. So far no problems since August when I fixed the wires and I ski couple times a week.

Anyways, just wanted to give you all another thing to check if your motor is running rough or misfiring. Thanks for all of you that have contributed knowledge and help guys like me out.

Also, finally ran 35' off - nothing like a good running boat to pull you through the course!


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Congrats on the -35 ! Not many people in all the world can run that line.

Thanks for the update on the engine fix too. Problems like that are hard to figure out. A dealer would have trouble with that one too I'm sure.

Steve B.

edit: I'm on a CDX-1 too !

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Thanks for the nice replies. When I first created my user name I was on a CDX. I am now running the Radar Strada - awesome ski. I'm LFF and have been running through four ball for a while and finally executed a good off side turn on #4 and was able to make it around 5...6 ball is easy after that.

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