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Oil pressure drops when slowing down

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I have a 2011 vlx and just recently my oil pressure has dropped when slowing from 20mph to idle picking someone up after falling wakeboarding. Has anyone else had this issue or have any insight on what is going on. My normal idle oil pressure is around 35-40. When at around 20-25 is it around 50-55psi. Does that sound normal and why would it drop when coming to stop? It doesn't happen every time, but about 50% of the time lately.

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Hentz, that sounds about spot on for me as well for idle and cruise. Always at 59-60 psi at 25 mph but I'm a little heavier (LSV) and running the 1235 prop. I occasionally get a few of those anomolies for the psi but I have attributed it coming off of plane real fast and sloshing the oil away from the pick-up causing a momentary pressure drop and to electrical fluctuations from/to the sending unit. I had the same issue with my 325 Assault motor as well so I just assumed it was normal.

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it is normal - going from a high RPM to a low you can expect a drop in the oil pressure - I know mine goes down - just haven't tracked the specifics - be certain you check the oil levels and that they are at an acceptable level - also take note when you change the oil- I bet you'll find after an oil change the pressures are higher versus when you have say 30 40 hours on the oil

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Totally normal, if it was dropping to 5 psi at idle I would be a little more concerned. On my 2011 vlx i run 55-60 while under load, and 25-30 at idle.

Even at 5 psi at idle an engine will last nearly forever. I had an old mustang once that idled at 5 psi and the thing was still running until the day I changed engines (voluntary).

Fman is right though, 5 is to low and the fluctuations are totally normal sounds like.

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I have a similar problem, but it only occurs when I have the boat heavily ballasted in the nose. I think it happens when the boat comes off of plane and all the oil sloshes forward in the oil pan. It has never happened to me except when I put 800 pounds in the bow, and a 750 from the rear seat forward to almost next to the driver.

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