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Replacing a side window on an 08' Malibu.......?

tyler97217 (pdxWAKE.com

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I have a buddy that has an 08 Malibu LSV. The side windshield is broken. Malibu says that glass is discontinued and option would be to buy a whole new windshield from a new supplier. I then reached out to the supplier of the glass and they are not really getting back to me on price and saying it is complicated cause it is glued in.

Has anyone else had to deal with this?

Know where we can get the glass?

Know how much I should be paying for it?

Any help. Thanks




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Tough luck. The round hole frameless windshields were replaced with the square hole version in 2009. The side and front glass are the same assembly. Our 08 had the windshield replaced under warrenty to the square hole version so when a rock went through the drivers side glass we only had to replace half the windshied.....if it had still been the round version we would have had to do both sides. One half was about $900 once it finally arived up here in canada.

Not a lot of help....buyt I feel your pain!

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"Complicated because it's glued in"!? Does that mean they want to sell you the frame too?

Maybe not as easy for DIY, but nothing difficult for an automotive pro. It's not really a difficult DIY for that matter--you can buy the adhesive and applicator from CarQuest, it's like a really nasty black silicone.

Who was it that found that same windshield at a salvage yard and put it on his old Skier? Maybe they had more. I'll search when I have time if nobody else knows.

Edit: kevman12 in this thread http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38746-malibu-skier-windshield-mod-w-pics-need-advice/page__hl__%2Bskier+%2Bwindshield. Maybe pm him and see where he got it from.

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The windshield manufacturer has not responded now, so still waiting to hear what their cost is before looking at insurance, etc....

Thanks all!

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They emailed me back and said they can do it for $100. Sweet. Probably need to have it professionally installed. Checked on insurance and it was a $500 deductible. Here is the contact info if anyone else ever runs into this.

Pacific Coast Marine Windshields

#102-917 Cliveden Avenue Delta , BC V3M 5R6

Ph: 604.540.7269 x 110

Fax. 604.527.7269

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