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Anybody ever hook up Airplay via Apple TV to the Malivue?


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It would be a bit of a hassle, but it could be done. Stick the apple tv in the glovebox.

Get an inverter, hook it up to the batteries, get an AC power strip. Everything is very low power so wouldn't strain anything.

Get an apple TV, hook the HDMI up to this: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1607390&SRCCODE=WEBGOOPA&cm_mmc_o=mH4CjC7BBTkwCjCV1-CjCE&gclid=CMCGnviQ8LICFao7MgodAF4AVg

Output the video and audio to the Aux. Your Apple TV is now displayed on your Malivue.

Put a cheap wireless router in there for a local wireless lan for Airplay streaming. If you want internet, tether with the iPhone for 4G or put in a wifi hotspot and bridge to the router.

Advantage would be anybody on the boat with an iPhone/iPad could take video and use airplay to display it on the Malivue.

Control apple TV with the remote app on the phone if you want to watch that. Although it'd probably be easier to just use airplay from an iPhone for that.

Would be much easier if this was just available through the mobile device gateway..

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i havn,t used the apple tv, but i did hook up a airport express in my boat, i just configured it to create a network, so we could use multiple airport express in other boats for tie up parties, and house boating! the only relevant issue i had that might effect what you want to do is the apple airport express's seemed to create feedback when they were plugged into inverters, when we were tied up to houseboat or on shore we would run them (and battery chargers) off a small generator and it worked awesome!


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Ha I was thinking about rigging an airport express up in my boat next year myself (no Maliview unfortunately). I though it'd be convenient to simply hook the Aux input on my stereo up to it an allow anyone with an iphone to control the audio...much better wireless sound quality than Bluetooth and I could leave the phone plugged into the charger in the glovebox to make sure it stays dry.

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This thread has a tutorial to convert the airport express to 12v dc power ex. Cigarette lighter adapter and you could throw that into the boat and no need for an inverter. I'm considering this option. There are also tutorials to convert it to USB power as well.



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