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is corvette ls3 motor worth the upgrade


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I am actually looking at a used boat, 2010 wakesetter, with this engine.What do I need to know about the LS3? Is maintenance more? Are they good for as many hours as the normal engine? Any known problems? Do they burn a lot more fuel?

Any input helps. Thanks!!

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Which boat? Vlx-no. 23-depends if you surf. If you don't surf and use alot of weight, then the 350 should be fine. 247- depends again. I would go with it on a 247 but that's just my humble opinion.

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Drive the same style/size/ boat with the standard LCR/Monsoon before you pay a premium for the LS3 so you can get a feel for the difference in performance. (Make sure your account for size/pitch of prop) If the seller is not asking much of a premium then I would say go for it. I have not heard of any problems with the LS style engines except they cost more to fix if something goes wrong.

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I have an LS3 in a LXI. The overheating issue has to do if you have either a heater or shower onboard. The engine itself is fine and once warmed up has never overheated. Only on cold starts after sitting all week. I have both heater and shower, but think the real culprit is the heater...Malibu installed an inline booster pump, which has helped but completely solved the problem.

If not for the shower and heater the engine is fine, has only overheated on a cold start, where the water has drained back from the shower into the engine block, so there is air rather than water in the hoses....certain pumps are not soo good at pumping air.

If I had to over again, I'd go with the monsoon. It was about $1500 more for the Corvette engine, but you are getting a high performance car engine (yes I know it is marinized), made for a sports car and the rpms a sports car best operates at, etc.

I have played around with the prop, as the hole shot was a tad weak...presently have a 13x12 and a much better hole shot...than the original 13x13. I have a 13x12.625 to try, just have not had the time to play with it. The monsoons has the best low end TQ out there...and you almost never hear of anyone having problems with a monsoon.

Side by side accel and top end depend on the prop, but when I had the 13x13 on, the monsoon was a tad better outta the hole, but at about 2500-3000 rpm I would be side by side and then gain some as the monsoons TQ peaks out at about 4000, while the LS3 continues to increase/peaks out TQ at about 4500-4700 rpm.

Just my 2 cents

For the money, order it with the Monsoon, unless yyou like lifting the engine cover and seeing CORVETTE....

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