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Nothing like starting a war with your first post.... You're gonna get many suggestions. Here is the first one..... learn to use the "search" function on this site...it is your friend. There's tons of threads on this already.

I used Zaino AIO (all in one) on my boat last year (which I also use on my cars), and this year tried Collinite (since their hull cleaner is remarkable). I am happy w/ both of them....easy application, easily removal, longevity. Good Luck.

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The search function won't let accept a 3-letter word (wax), so try entering "polish", "collinite" or "zaino" or "babes" or some other popular wax, and you will get plenty of hits....can start by reading these....



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Another vote here for Starbrite Marine Polish with PTEF.

Only two coats per year is all that is required, compared with a carnauba wax which needs to be applied much more often.

This was designed for use on gel coat, so its not a carry-over from one of the automobile-detailing product lines. Its easy

to apply and relatively inexpensive.

My boat has lived on a lift at a marina 24/7/365 since 2006. I've been using Starbrite, twice a year, from the get-go, along

with a spritzing of Babe's Boat Bright after every three to four outings. It amazes me how good she still looks with this

simple regimen.

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Collinite 845 a couple time a year along with a non vinegar wipe down product everytime you use the boat. Babes Boat Bright, Hot Sauce or Performance Boat Candy will get the job done.

If you are looking for something more aggressive the you would want to polish and then wax. I would suggest the Performance Boat Candy Products.

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303 Aerospace Protectant, it can be applied to just about any surface fo the boat including the exterior. Only downside is that it makes vinyl seats really slippery.

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Collinites here. Great stuff. 303 ok in between but I'm not sure 303ing makes sense before waxing? If anything use a mild cleaner or cleaner wax first to provide an unadulterated surface for final waxing

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303 gets into the gel, wax sits on top. You 303 over wax and it goes away with the wax and then you have nothing.

I found this out first hand. I used 303 a few times on the whole boat this summer while it was on the trailer, and got overspray on the trailer. I went to touch up some paint the trailer and couldn't get the 303 off of it. I had to use xylene and start removing paint before I could get a fresh paintable surface. 303 sinks in pretty good!

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interesting that it holds up that well considering bottle refers to a 4-6 week application schedule does it not? I can see sticking with 303 as your regimen but waxing OVER 303 does not seem like it would provide the appropriate "cure" for the wax. Do you find the wax comes off much quicker or no? If not, interesting. I'm a big fan of collinite's and find that 2 apps a year are all that's needed.

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The search function won't let accept a 3-letter word (wax), so try entering "polish", "collinite" or "zaino" or "babes" or some other popular wax, and you will get plenty of hits....can start by reading these....



This is "sort of" true....

Here's how to get around the "3 letter" issue. Click on the advanced search "gear" next to the search box. Key the word "Wax" in the google search.

Done.. You get the results for wax on this site.

You can get the the same results by going to google and typing "site:www.themalibucrew.com" and then your search terms in the search box.

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I find that if I 303 and buff it in and allow it to dry well, then wax over it, the wax sticks well. I just use like a Mequiar's marine wax, nothing special. The boat beads water and surprisingly, I don't get water spots on it. I do this application at the beginning, middle, and end of season. I don't have access to internal storage, so I leave the wax on the boat over the winter to aid in deflecting the sun from the gel. My old boat is red and have had it for 8 years. It's still red with a very high gloss. I just find the 303 seems to get into the pores of the gel coat better, then seal with the wax. Most wax doesn't provide great UV protection.

I've never read the bottle for time between application. I've used 303 alot over the years for my boats and outdoor furniture. I have a tendency to think that the 4-6 week would fall to intense sunlight areas, southwest-southeast type areas. When I lived in Fla, I would 303 the boat every couple/few weeks, no wax. The boat kept looking good. Just my experience and thoughts on it, works for me so I'll continue that until if fails.

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I use 303 then a polish. 303 is a sealant and UV protector. I get 303 by the gallon and use it on almost everything on the boat. I use it liberally on the interior. My 07 looks like new.

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