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service required -reset ?

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If the service required comes on can it be reset through maliview?

or do i need to take it to garage for program..

just wandering as i do all service my self and worried it might pop up when i hit 50 hours...

and does speed control work when the service required comes on ??

its a 2011 vlx with 350 monsoon .

thanks for any help !

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mcc, unless the active faults screen is saying it is a knock sensor or a specific O2 sensor, both of which are a one wrench fixes it looks like you need to take it in.

Service Required Alarm: This alarm is present on all engines equipped with catalysts

(Monsoon 350 and L96). Service Required parameters are all based on “emissions related

faults.” Several of the typical sensors are now part of the emissions related faults, such as

the Knock system and Ignition Control system as well as the oxygen sensors and Catalyst

Monitoring system. Be advised: Per EPA and CARB requirements, any emissions related

fault, even if it is no longer active, will not reset and clear the alarm until the engine has

completed three complete warm up cycles from 90º to 150º F. You have the ability to use

the OBD-M tool in emissions related faults also.

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Mcc-- 6.0L motor here.... I get the service required warning EVERY time I go out.... about 15-20 mins into every outing. not other indication or anything that it could be a O2 sensor or anything like that. Its almost like a car when you forget to reset the oil change monitor/dash light.

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Here is the other important stuff for your '11. Dependent on the problem and "your dealer" they may say it is something that you can fix yourself, but then they wouldn't get your money!

The “Engine Fault” alarm: Is activated by the ECM. The problem could be a

momentary out of parameter minor issue or the problem could be catastrophic. If the

“Engine Fault” alarm is activated, look at the gauges, oil P, temp and volts, and then shut

down the engine, Key off, then restart. If the problem was a minor momentary, out-ofparameter

fault, the fault should reset during the key cycle. If the problem is more

serious, the alarm will be reactivated after restart. If the alarm continues, you should

discontinue use until the problem is diagnosed and fixed.

On the 2011 Medallion Instrumentation system we have added OBD-M. OBD-M gives

you the ability to read the Fault Codes out of the ECM using the Multi Function LCD

Display. OBD-M is intended mainly for EFI Technicians to use, but would be beneficial

to have it available for our customers to use if the need arises. You can at least call your

dealer or Malibu and tell them what you see on the OBD-M screen.

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I get the stup o2 sensor like all the time. What is that one wrench fix mentioned above? I've taken it to the dealer and they cannot seem to get it to go away? 2010 vlx

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I was talking replacing bad parts as a "one wrench fix". If it is a bad knock sensor it gets unplugged and IIRC the nut holding it on is a 1/2". Same for the O2 sensors, unplug and they are a 5/8" nut I believe. The thing of note here is listed below. For an Active fault if you can definatively isolate the cause i.e. bad knock sensor fault code, you can one wrench fix it. Reoccuring intermittent problems are next to impossible to replicate when you want them to. You take it to the dealer which makes you feel like a retard when it doesn't happen there and the drama begins. Knock wood I haven't had boat issues "yet", but I bet everyone has had car issues with dealerships.

If the fault is currently Active (a real serious problem), you will see

a 1 to the right of active. If the problem was a momentary out of parameter issue, you will

see a “0” next to Active and you will see a “1” to the right of Inactive. Inactive is much

better then Active. Inactive means the problem is gone or has fixed itself during the reset.

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thanks guys !

i thought that every 50 hours it needs service the service required would show up and need resenting !

no problems with engine fault or other warnings touch wood its running perfect !

thanks !

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