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XTI Propeller Upgrade Question


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I have a 2002 23 XTI with the Hammerhead engine (direct drive drivetrain). The boat runs awesome, but I would like a bit more holeshot. The boat has the factory 3 blade propeller and on perfect pass @ WOT I can hit about 48.5 MPH today. I will give up a bit of top end for more low end grunt.

Any 23 XTI owners out there running a 3 or 4 blade ACME that gives better launch, but still 44-45 MPH top end? If so what are the specs/model number?

I drove my friends Pro Tournament MC 197 this past weekend with a 4 blade prop. I know it is smaller/lighter than my boat, but it hit 42-43 top end and it accelerated like a madman!


-- Mike

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I run the ACME 12 x 12 (515?) and am happy with it. I'm only at 750 ft though. I have as much holeshot has my noodly arms can handle and I top out at about 44. I tried the 12 x 11.5 and didn't notice a difference. I have the Monsoon 340.

Don't try and compare these 23 xti's to a Prostar 197! It's the difference between a 911 and a Cayenne!

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I'm running an 3-blade OJ 13 x 11- Cup: Cup 0.80, I can run about 42-44 depending on how much weight is in boat, I hit a log late last year and had to go back to my stock prop, with full stock ballast, wedge and 11 bigger guys in the boat I couldn't get on plane, I was freaking out like what is wrong with my boat so I got the OJ fixed and it makes a huge difference now i can load the boat fully and still wakeboard, I have the monsoon engine.

Hope that helps

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