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Adding Wedge to '99 Sunsetter VLX


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It's come time to add some ballast to our stock '99 Sunsetter VLX. To date, with little kids and beginner/intermediate riders, we have not added any weight to the boat.

I am considering fat sacs, but like the idea of the Wedge. It would save time and space. Still would add some weight to the front if we did this.

Can anyone give me an idea of how much it would cost a dealer to install the Wedge and how much weight that would add? Also, how much weight would I want to add to the bow or ski locker?


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My dealer installed a transom plate $230 and wedge $458 and 2 hrs. labor $ 142 = $830 in the spring of 2003 to my 98 Sunsetter Vlx. My kids were 11 and 13 at the time. I would also recommend to getting a swim platform hatch, perfect pass and tower. We use the boat for family recreation, a combination of wakeboarding, skiing and tubing. The wedge allows you to keep all that wonderful storage that is needed for a day at the lake. After three seasons, we are looking at adding some type of additional ballast system. The 1998 brochure stated that the wedge adds 1000# of transom weight. However, the wedge I installed was modified from the original to enhance the wake shape.

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Since everyone is at the beginner level the wedge will be able to grow with them for at least one summer. It is great because you don't need to clutter your boat with fat sacks to increase the wake size and shape. Once your crew progresses you will need to add some weight to your boat. IMO, once they are clearing the wake and getting a few feet of air its time to up the wake size. The wedge is = to adding 1000lbs. of weight, so they say.

IMO, a tower is more essential then the wedge at this point. The tower helps you to get up easier, it makes riding easier, and it helps you to get air easier. Plus it makes your boat look cool, and its a great place to store boards and skis. For a great wake you could have the wedge, 2-500lb sacks in the v-drive storage areas, and one 500lb sack in the ski locker. This would give you an incredible wake that your children won't out grow for a long time.

This is what I would do...

1. Tower

2. Wedge/fat sacks

3. PP

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