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Taking the engine out


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Malibu quotes 8 hrs...but to remove an engine and tranny with quality work it actually takes a little longer. 10-12hrs if they are not rushing and take their time and look at stuff as they go.

they gotta find all the recessed screws burried in the carpet that surround the engine, tranny, vdrive support beams and that rear seat bracing.... all of that has to come out. Major PITA... probing the carpet with a metal pick trying to find the screws..... sme screws get stripped out, others break off. PITA... you get the idea.

If you have a quality service guy promising quality work on this job at 8hrs...jump on it.

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Is the quote for doing everything or were you planning on doing some of the work before it went to the shop? Are they only removing the engine, or the tranny and vdrive as well?

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Just removing the engine and checking some things, I'm still have issues with my boat. Its been on going since the end of may. I just want the boat back already. For me it didn't seem like it would take long to take an engine out but if that's what it is I guess that's it. I thought they would just take the sun pads off, un bolt and un do some wires and lift it out. Seems like there's a lot more you can do in 8 hrs but never taken one out in a boat before.

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Rather not say at this point, let's just say it was a common problem with that engine and now about 4k later this is the next step. Kinda a sesitive subject that shouldn't have taken the whole summer to figure out. Definately lost my faith in bu's this summer. Boat is only 3 years onld with not even 300 hrs into it for over 100k and I'm left with a boat that is in mint codition but doesn' t run, not trusting a lot of ppl and with little support from malibu. Even tho it has no more warranty on it I feel pretty cheated. If this was a high end car company this problem would have been taken care of a long time ago.

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