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06 RLXi OJ 13x12 or ACME 13x12.625

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Howdy strangers - It's been a long time since I have been around.

Looking for my 2004-2005-2006 RLXi owner brothers for some info. I know this topic has been kicked around a ton and there is some decent info in the forum archives which I have read.


06 RLXi

340 Monsoon

300 hours

4900 WOT - approx 44-45MPH dependind on air/water temp.

I would like a bit more top end, but let's face it - the RLXi was not designed for pulling a 200lb guy at 44mph footing.

  • I have already spoken with Eric @ OJ and Todd @ ACME (Bill retired). Both of these guys know their product inside/out and were amazingly helpful on the phone.
  • OJ says 13x12 3 blade 334
  • ACME says 13x12.625 3 blade 449
  • OJ says the 13x12.625 is too much prop for the 06 Monsoon
  • ACME says the 13x12.625 is the perfect prop and the boat is running exactly as designed

I am looking for 1st hand knowledge of this situation and what props you have choosen and why. I know the props are not exactly the same as each manufacturer has their own quirks which makes their prop different than the competition.

Please don't respond if you are just going to tell me what a friend of a friend's uncle's cousin told you.

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85 Barefoot

I made the switch when I had a 05 rlxi from 13x12 to 13x12 5/8 and was happy with the switch. I cannot recall top end figures right now but the power was still there and I seem to recall got a tad more top end but not too much. Boat did run fewer rpms at 34 (which was all i cared about) and I was happy with the switch.

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Thanks for the PMs - I know this was covered previously

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My 05 RLXi with OJ 13x12 runs right at 5000 rpms, 44.5mph on the top end. IMHO, I think the Monsoon 340 will handle the 13x12.625 ACME better than the same size OJ...OJ seems to have more bite and won't spin as many rpms.

I've had a bunch of props on my RLXi and the OJ 13x12 is the best all around for me. If you need an extra mph or two, the ACME 13x12.625 is worth a try.

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Our 2010 LXI came with an Acme 13x13 (have the LS3 engine in it). The hole shot sucked, so I bought an Acme 13x12, which helped ALOT. I would like to try the Acme 449, specially after talking to Eric. BUt props are expensive...specially when just trying them out.

At WOT our 13x12 is running about 5400 rpm.

Your monsoon should rev up a tad more than 4900.

Will your dealer let your try a 449 for the day?

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