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Ga;laxyToad where are you

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Greg, are those new CW graphics, or is your's just "special"? All I've seen is the somewhat ugly black (the bottom looks better than the top IMHO)

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At the risk of incurring the wrath of all the course people here on this site... I've been told that the wing on your fin is upside down. I've been told that having the screws above the wing results in more disturbed flow past the fin and wing. JM2C, unsolicited though it may be.

Good looking stick though!

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New at the end of last summer , CW offered it's customers the ability to choose custom graphics. When you buy a new ski Boyd will ask you if you want special graphics. I've seen some really cool graphics, a grim reaper, I've gotten many comments on my ski. It's cool!

The upside down wing controls the attitude of the ski during the turn, keeping the tail down in the water without sacraficing a lot of speed. Right side up really slows the ski down in addition to trying to maintain attitude.

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When I bought my Phantom in '02, I was told to turn the wing over like that. I can't say that it made a huge difference. I can't tell either way, but if I could ski six @ -38, then maybe I could.

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Nice pics, good lookin' ski.

Having the wing upside down on my CDX and especially my Phantom made a big difference in roll stability and changes in angle were more profound. Running it deeper puts the fins in cleaner (less disturbed) water.

Greg, the clamp design looks just like the one HO was putting on the 2000-2001 Phantoms (HO was Black, yours is Bright). HO guys like that design and prefered it to the 2002-2004 version, but the slender Monza clamp appears to be a step in the right direction.

It's difficult to tell because the angle I needed was from directly overhead and close up, but it looks like the inserts are too far apart (wide) to put a D3 clamp on there. I love the D3 for quick precise changes. I'll post a pic when I get home.

Not the same pattern as the HO. This clamp is nice and simple and light. The confilct is does the skier want to have the adjustment ability( and weight) on the ski or have it on some sort of clamp to the ski?

I think that is you are skiing anything less then 34 mph and 22 off you have no use for a wing. Below that criteria it is keeping you from learning the fundamentals you need to progress. Skiers need to learn to carry speed through the turn. Speed is what is going to keep the boat from ripping the handle from your hands.

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Beautiful ski!

One question: The bevels leading away from the holes in the fin look deep enough to only be on one side. If so, does this affect the behavior on one side of the course or the other?

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Cowabunga!!! That is one sweet synthetic composite ride. Biggrin.gif

Wood is way up on my list of favorite materials but anodized aluminum comes in a close second. That fin is really cool. It looks fast just sitting there. I am going to have to grab my Dremel tool and have a go at relieving my fin.

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Regarding taking the wing off, I'm working on learning to run bouys, starting at 15 off @ 34. I'm on a Burner, I assume that would work for me? I am having problems generating speed / angle.

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Regarding taking the wing off, I'm working on learning to run bouys, starting at 15 off @ 34. I'm on a Burner, I assume that would work for me? I am having problems generating speed / angle.

If you are referring to rnning a wing, then yes. I don't think it's agood idea to run a wing in your position. the things a skier at your level needs to learn are to get the ski on edge and carve a turn. The wing will cover up the need to do that and rob you of learnign experiences.

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