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Yellowing Sun Pad and Wetsounds Speakers


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Hey everyone, haven't been around in a while since I've been dealing with torn knee ligaments for a while. Finally having surgery on it next month so hopefully we're able to get back to using the boat more next summer.

Recently though after the spring cleaning a few months ago I took some interesting pictures of two problems that have progressively worsened.

1. The white Wetsounds Pro60 Speaker housing has faded yellow

2. Parts of the sun pad that have the textured vinyl has begun to yellow.

Now whats interesting about number 1 is that the speaker face that is white is still pristine, but the bullet shaped back part of the housing has yellowed, and what seems to be only where the wetsounds speaker socks covered it (see pictures).

see how in this photo the front part of the housing is till fine, but the other bullet shaped back has yellowed.


Now in this photo, you can make out an angled line of where the yellowing stops near the mount for the speaker. This is the line where the speaker sock has been resting on the boat for some time. Which makes me wonder if the speaker sock is causing the problem? Should I only use them when towing the boat? (it is stored at the boat house year round). I like them because it prevents spiders and other bugs from making homes inside them, but if theyre causing the yellowing I'm not sure which tradeoff is worse.


Wetsounds and the dealer hooked us up with replacement housings last year but I never got around to it because I want to make sure the new ones don't fade yellow.

Now with number 2, the sun pad. We have been using the evolution cover which has been great. I'm not sure how or why this would be happening, but it appears that the raised parts of the textured vinyl have all started to yellow (the port side just a tad bit worse than starboard). I tried searching but most people this occured to were blotches from possible glue batches that were bad and all those people were still under warranty. The boat is an '08 and now is a full year out of the vinyl warranty I believe. I recall some other thread where someone used a magic eraser which worked well. I'm curious as to what you all can reccomend I try.




And the boat is always wiped down after each use and cleaned meticulously before and after each winter. Not sure what is causing these problems or how to fix them.

Help me out everyone! Thanks so much

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Speakers I would use McGuires Scratch X remover. It does a great job on oxidation removal and you won't risk damaging any of the finish. Also works great on gel coat scratches.

Vinyl, Malco with a scrub brush?

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