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Tighten/replace packing on 1999 Sunsetter LXI?

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I have a leak and need some help please. I'm very sorry for my ignorance in what to call things so bear with me. :) I stold this picture from Ballast Buddy's similar post and his is a 1995 Sunsetter so perhaps my boat is different. I haven't taken up the floor to know. In Ballas Buddy's picture, see further up the drive shaft where you can see the two bolts? Actually I think there are four bolts at that point but you can only see two in the picture. The black housing that those bolts are holding is connected to another black housing on the other side of it. I have water coming from between those two black housings. Is this the result of needing to adjust/replace the packing which is located where Ballast Buddy's pipe wrench is?

UGH. I can't figure out how to attach the picture. I see "my media" but I can't figure out how to add a picture my media. Ballast Buddy's discussion is titled "Accessing 95 Sunsetter LX packing." I'm sorry that I'm not making this very easy! Thank you to anyone that can assist me!

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1) You need to be a paying member to directly upload pictures. You can link to pictures posted on other sites (such as photobucket, picasaweb or similar using the image icon in the toolbar.

2) Are you sure the water is coming from between the couplers? There really isn't any water source there. It's just the end of the prop shaft & the output from the trans. Just two big chunks of metal bolted together. (See article here for more pictures)

You need to find the source of the water. It could be coming in a flat stream from the packing to the coupler & dripping down from between the couplers, or dripping onto the couplers from above - the exhaust cross-over hoses/connection are typically pretty close to right above there.

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Thanks for educating me on pictures!

I guess I don't know for sure that the water is coming from between the couplers. I'm betting that its coming from the packing and not the exhaust hoses because I couldn't see any water coming from above. I'll put the boat in the water and check to make sure but if it is the packing, can I expect the same process as Ballast Buddy's '95 and his/her post "Accessing 95 Sunsetter LX packing?"

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Well, I'm relieved to report back that it was the packing seal and not my HDS as someone suggested to checkout. It looked very strange at first though because what I thought I saw was water streaming from the coupling. Then I remember what one person wrote about there possibly being a flat stream and sure enough, that's what it was. From the packing seal, the water streaming flat along the bottom side of the drive shaft so I couldn't see it. I made some adjustments to the packing nuts and I got the drip rate to within the recommended amount. Thanks for your help!

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