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lost trailer wheelwell bunk


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HI All, just some advice to the vrew. Yesterday i was walking past my trailer and noticed the bunker that is attached to the inside of my wheelwell was gone and one screw left. I don't know when it fell off but after seeing the screw all i could think of is that screw gouging my gelcoat. I will be putting on the mask and checking it out when i get home tonight. Everyone should check all of their bunkers for loose or rotted bunkers on the whole trailer.

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This is great advice. A few weeks ago while loading the boat back on the trailer at our typical launch I noticed that one on my wheel well bunks was messed up too. It was only hanging on by one screw and trying to swivel and float. I had to have the wife hold it down and out of the way while I loaded the boat. I wasn't too comfortable with that. I took both half circle pieces off and redid them with new plywood and marine carpet and reinstalled them with stainless steal screws. Good as new but sucked finding out that they were rotten and failing while at the launch. Would have been much better to inspect this in the driveway.

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If you are replacing the wood on the fenders, I would add a layer of fiberglass to it. At least around the areas where it attaches.

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I don't trailer my boat any more :D.

But when I did my trailer didn't have any fender covers. They were super easy to make and carpet. I used fender styled phillips machine bolts with nyloc nuts instead of lag bolts.

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I lost one of the pieces of diamond plate off the back of the trailer a few years ago. I got in the habit of doing a quick walk around when I pull the boat out of the lake & checking things like tires (didn't look flat with no boat on it), stern straps, prop & rudder, etc. I walked out on the ramp & found the diamond plate in about 4' of water. Then checked the other side of the trailer & was literally able to pull the diamond plate off the trailer with my bare hands. Had to strip the rust & soggy paint off the trailer, repaint & then restick the DP down using marine Liquid Nails.

Guess I need to add the fender bunk to the check list too.

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I had (on my old boat) one of the front bunk bolts come lose and when the bunk floated the bolt came out of the metal below the the weight of the boat pushed the buck back down. The bolt got pushed up at an angle because it didn't line up with the hole in the metal. It ripped a huge 1/4inch deep gouge about 3 feet long out of the gel coat.. Now every time I go get the trailer to fish the boat out I reach down and pull up on every single bunk at every single bolt to make sure it's all snug and no bolts have come lose, fenders too

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