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Discontinue the CFT tower?


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Our 247 is being built right now in Merced. Apparently something is going on with the CFT tower that we want on it. They called and told us to choose another one, and that they don't have the CFT right now. Does anybody have any information on what is going on? Are the requests up, and the aerospace company can't keep up with demand, or is it another issue. Thanks.

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What I heard was, his orders were so up and down he was having difficulty keeping staffed to meet demand or lack of. A problem I can relate to.

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I went and did some homework on the guy who makes the Blade. He's actually in my home town - go figure, I had no idea.

Anyway, when I tracked down the place it was a small shop that was putting them together. There was only one guy working there when I went by. He said the owner was moving the facility down south (SoCal)to lower his labor expenses.

According to one account the guy wasn't returning phone calls RE accessories - that they also make/made.

GO TITAN and you won't be sorry!!!!!

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The CFT are discontinued, for sure. The company making them was having a hard time get the product out. Plus, I just found out recently form one of our plastic/fiberglass vendors, that carbon fiber (used in kevlar and other military uses) has all been bought up by the military.

So, they could have had a supply issue as well.

Get the Illusion, you won't be sorry.

The Titan ROFL.gif

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Since the CFT is going bye bye. I have one response for the Titan, and 1 for the Illusion. Which is better?? Opinions?? We need to decide soon, since the boat is in production. Also should be get board racks and speakers from the factory or do it ourselves? thanks for the help.

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The illusion is solid as a rock and with the new folding system it is easy for one person to lower and raise the tower. Nice feature if you need to get it into the garage. It even works with a full load of racks/speakers and lights.

We chose just swing away racks but I am sure that is all personal. Yahoo.gifYahoo.gifYahoo.gif

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Both are great towers & since there are more & more accessory companies coming out with products for the Illusion that issue is just about a wash. This year there is an upcharge for the Titan, so that may be a factor for you. The polished T3 looks sweet with some color combos but the Illusion is a completely Malibu look. They both feel radically different when in the boat & this was the deciding factor for us in going with the Illusion, otherwise we may have gone with a polished Titan. The Illusion has a more open view, while the Titan is more traditional in that respect.

Bottom line, you won't go wrong with either tower. Pick the one that you like the best & be happy with it.

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Since the CFT is going bye bye. I have one response for the Titan, and 1 for the Illusion. Which is better?? Opinions?? We need to decide soon, since the boat is in production. Also should be get board racks and speakers from the factory or do it ourselves? thanks for the help.

You are always better off shopping these accessories on your own. You will definitley have more choices.

I ended up getting interior speakers that would ultimately match my tower speakers. I'm not fond of having one type of speaker in the boat, and then having a completely different looking speaker in the tower.

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I have really come to appreciate the tower mounted mirror in my Titan equipped ride...not sure you even have an option with the Illusion.

There was a recent thread that has it now for the Illusion.

If I were in your position, I would get the Illusion over the TIII.

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I just finished a research paper on carbon fiber for a class. The cost of manufacturer and producing this type of composite has drastically been reduced in the last few yrs. With this said, the aviation industry is jumping all over this because it's resistant to corrosion, has a very high fatigue life, and has huge gains in strength over aluminum.

With Boeing's new 787 being manufactured from 50% composites and Airbus's 350 dancing around some 25-30% you can guess why there would be a shortage in fiber reinforced plastics. From what I've read its only going to get worse before it gets better.

Maybe this isn't the issue with the CFT. It sounds like all other users of carbon fiber are affected, golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycles..etc. Biggrin.gif

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We ended up ordering the Titan III, I feel that Titan has been the style of Malibu since they started to put towers on boats and I have owned three so why change. On a side note I was looking hard at the illusion but wife and family and the sway helped keep me in the Titan.

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I was hesitant to post this here, because I wasn't sure if this is a legit deal. There's some things that look questionable to me. So, proceed with caution:

CFT blade on e-bay

Here is the answer for fit on the auction...

Q: What model Malibu is this tower from? (VLX, 23 LSV, etc..)


A: this towr go with wakesetter{21 and 23 XTI}and 25 and 247 LSV and VLX thank you

I guess the Wakesetter 21XTI is the same width as a 247 :lol::unsure:

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Get an Illusion and you can get that cool Z-5 Bimini/Rack. We just got one in for a 23 WS XTi. These things are cool !

What is the price tag on the Z-5 Bimini/Rack?

Illusion rock solid and looks so much better than a tower made of tubing, to quote a gas station attendant, "it looks like a race boat"

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