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interesting amp delima?


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So I got my Wetsounds Rev 8 mounted today (look great!). I also bought the PAC volume adjustment for them. i went to hook up the volume adjustment for the tower speakers and found an interesting problem. Let me describe what I have so far - this is how the factory has it set up.

I have 3 factory amps, one is 1000 watts dedicated to the sub. The other two have to run the 8 interior speakers and towers. Amp 1 is only a 2 channel amp. Amp 2 is a 4 channel amp and appears to power all interior speakers. Amp 3 is dedicated to the sub.

Off the back of the radio there are 4 RCA outputs: front, rear, sub, and the dual audio zone connection.

  1. The rear output goes to amp 1 in the "rear" input connection, then has a connection out the "passive" connection on the amp and connects to the "rear" input connection on amp 2.
  2. The front output goes to amp 2 into the front connection.
  3. The sub goes to the third amp for the sub.
  4. dual zone out goes nowhere

After doing some research I realized that if I put the volume adjustment between the radio and amp 1, the whole rear signal goes down (along with the tower speakers). So, what I need to do is isolate the tower speakers on amp 1, then run the internal speakers on amp 2.

Here is what I am thinking of doing:

  1. Run the rear connection to rear input on amp 2
  2. Run the front connection to fro nt input on amp 2
  3. leave sub running to sub amp 3
  4. run the dual audio zone output to amp 1 and let it run the tower speakers
  5. run the tower volume adjustment between the radio and amp 1 so I can adjust the tower speaker volume

Eventhough I was told by Patrick Industries that the dual zone wouldn't work, it does. I plugged it up to an amp it duplicates the signal to all the other amps (there is a strange humming noise though, could be a bad cable).

Does any of this make sense? Just doesn't seem right in my crazy brain...

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I get a horribly loud hum when I use the dual audio zone output. I talked to my dealer, the stereo guy there said he gets the same thing on other boats. so, we now need to drop back and punt.

another interesting tidbit: if I run from the rear output on the radio to the rear input of amp 2, it gets a horrible hum. The only time I can connect the rear without getting the hum is by connecting the rear connection from the radio to amp 1 and using the passive connection to connect to the rear input on amp 2.

I used to install car stereos back in the day and I usually do pretty good at this stereo stuff, but I cannot figure out what the crap is going on here! :mad:

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