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ACME 515 Prop - Upgrade to the 525 or 911?


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Does anyone have any experience with this upgrade?

I am wondering if there will be any significant difference between the 515 & 525?

I have a '05 Wakesetter XTI, Monsoon 340 running the ACME 515 currently. 2000 ft. elevation.

I am hoping to get a surf-able wake and am willing to give up some top end. I'm not going to slam the boat with 2500# ballast to get a surf wake at any cost though...

Anyone have any thoughts? Am I crazy try and get a surf wake from a XTI?

I have talked to ACME and I'm having a hard time seeing much difference between 515 & 525 (150RPM's engine speed difference?) 1" pitch = 300RPM?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!

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I didn't see much difference between the two after trying them both. I like the 515 better.

I have the rear hard tanks and can surf stock with a 5'6" Broadcast but it's pretty close to the boat. I like to add a sac to the floor back there and then use people to provide the list. I don't think we can compete to a vdrive with 1100 lbs right in the locker though!

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I have the Acme 525 on our boat, and I need something with a lot more pulling power! The stock prop is ok for when the boat is empty, but when we load it down with people and ballast it performs poorly. Going from the 515 to the 525 won't make much difference at all for you. I'm going to call Acme on Monday and ask them, since I'm in the same boat (sort of) I'll let you know what they say.

Edit: I should mention that I'm leaning towards the Acme 911 because of the weight we run.

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@jetskipro550 ---------- I was thinking 911 as well and then I found Ski Centurion website selling the ACME 911 for $250, ordered and it came quick! I'm sure I'm breaking some Malibu Karma thing by buying from them? Here is the link. Have not installed it yet.


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I spoke with Todd at Acme and he said the 911 was the prop to get for our setup. He said if we wanted more out of the prop, we could send it in to have the cup changed a bit which would act like lowering the pitch.

That's crazy cheap! I'm sending her an e-mail to find out more details

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Put this prop on Tuesday and used it yesterday. There were only 4 of us in the boat, no ballast, low fuel, and no one rode...so I didn't notice a big difference other then much higher RPM's above 30 MPH and a bit stronger pull during hard turns. Our old prop (525 Acme) didn't perform poorly until we loaded the boat down. Today we will have a full boat and I plan to fill the sacks so it will be a much better test.

Borrowed a prop puller from our mechanic and it was a 10 minute job. I read Pistol Pete's write up and then crawled under the boat. Only thing that sucked, was I hit my collar bone on the rudder when prop 'popped' loose and the prop puller fell to the ground...ouch!

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