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Low oil pressure alarm

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Low oil presasure alarm went off the other day on our 2005 vlx. Checked oil level it was fine, the oil pressure said 0. A few seconds later oil pressure was normal and alarm was silent. Changed the sending unit and seemed to fix problem and then about 1.5 hrs later alarm went off again and gauge read 0. Oil pressure eventually came back to normal a few minutes later. Boat runs fine and engine is not knocking. Stayed out another 3 hrs and had no issues what could be causing this?

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There is a plug on the engine that connects the engine to the dash wiring. A lot of times this plug (called a cannon plug) is the root cause of erratic gauge readings. Find this plug and wiggle it to see if it makes your problem go away.

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I have a 2004 Malibu Wakesetter with a 310 Vortec MPI 5.7L which seems to have an overly sensitive oil pressure alarm. In 2 hours of running time, the alarm will sound 2 or 3 times for 5 seconds or so and the oil pressure guage will drop to zero and then recover to 60 to 70 PSI and the alarm goes off. I've thought it was perhaps a short, but I checked all the terminals and they seem fine and I even replaced the oil sender, but it still intermittently sounds the alarm and the guage drops to zero. This often occurs while getting on plane. My dipstick reads filled to the top with 5 1/2 qts of Rotella T 15/40. My oil looks clean and I use a long PZ3 filter. The Indmar Rep said I should put an extra quart of oil in the engine to see if this helps in case it's an issue with a momentary problem with oil not being picked up in the sump due to boat angle. Or do you think I just quit worrying about the alarm as long as it goes out quickly and the pressure is 50-60 PSI or better 99.9% of the time? Thanks Electric John because I will check the "cannon Plug" also. Thanks to all in advance for your thoughts?

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