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95 Sunsetter LX Ballast


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Hey guys,

I need to redo my system on my Sunsetter LX DD, last year I put in two 3/4" thru hull intakes (ya I know I should have got 1"+) and hooked up an old Simer BW-85 from my previous boat. The Simer is slow as can be and I've actually just been using a Tsunami 1200 and filling my bags manually. I never really got around finishing the system, so this summer I want to get it dialed.

I have some 750 aerators from my last boat but the main problem I've having is there is nowhere to route the hoses conveniently. I have my Simer hose routed through the back to it follows the blower hose and I have the pump mounted in the storage area. Unfortunately there is no way I can fit another hose through that area, it's way too tight. The gas tank blocks any other options for hose routing.

For the tube sac in the front locker, I've been doing it manually. I can't really figure out a way to route a drain line and vent line to use my old aerators. I've thought about teeing into the bilge line and adding check valves, but that hose is maybe only 1/2". There is no way I can fit a 3/4" hose where the main power lines and bilge hose goes, it was a pain just to pull my perfect pass wires through.

I'm thinking I want to use the Simer for the tube sac in the front ski locker, it's only 300 lbs and getting a Johnson for my 750 bag. The solution I'm thinking is to drill a hole or two in the access floor panel to allow the hoses to pass through and mount the pumps under the bench seat. I'm thinking of adding another thru hull and a third reversible as well since we surf most of time and run three sacs.

How are other DD Sunsetter guys running their systems? As you can see there is really no convenient way to route the hoses, especially for the front locker sack. I'm kind of hesitant to drill through the access floor, but I guess if I got a some trim for the hole and sealed the wood it wouldn't be too bad. I'm assuming the floor piece is wood encapsulated in fiberglass but I could be wrong, anybody know? I'm thinking that mounting the reversible pumps under the rear seat is going to be the way go.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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I just finished up my fully plumbed sac system in my 96 SSLX. I have 3 bags, 1300 lbs, and over 110 feet of ballast hose running through the boat, and you literally can't see any of it. My goal was to make it as clean as possible. I'll post a writeup when I have the chance to take pictures of the whole setup, but I'm sure I can offer you some tips for yours along the way.

I built a manifold that goes underneath the oil pan with 3x Tsunami 800gph pumps. I have 3/4" ballast hose running throughout the entire boat. I had to drill 2x 1" holes between the bilge area and the ski locker to run the hoses through for the fill and drain. I then drilled 2 holes in the floor in the battery compartment area to run hoses up to a vented loop mounted to the wall above the water line in the battery storage compartment.

As far as running the hoses around the gas tank, it's a pain but it can be done. I have 2 fill hoses running along the stringer area, along the side of the mufflers, then you can just barely sneak them behind the gas tank aft of the rudder and run them to either side of the boat to fill your side sacs.

Like I said, I'll post a full writeup after I get some pictures taken, but I've been too busy actually using the system to stop and get pictures.

Good luck!


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Awesome, thanks for the reply. Can't wait to see pics and the write up! I'm not dead set on using reversible pumps so it's cool to hear you have an aerator system. I'll have to look closer at the area behind behind the tank to see if I can squeeze some hoses through there.

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I have also just finished a second auto ballast system is my 96 LX as well and it's working like a champ. I now have 400lbs in the ski locker and a 400lb hard tank in the rear (on the floor, under the seat when raised to the sundeck position), I will post a video next weekend with a detailed walk through. Its hard to explain, but essentially i have no hose running under the engine to the rear, my hose runs along the port side and is cable-tied up under the side almost along the rub rail. ecadwell has the same set up as me. I drilled 1" holes between the bilge and ski locker to allow the water intake to reach the two pumps. I then have three 1" holes in the floor inside the storage locker and have hose running either to a thru hull on the side of the boat for an overflow and water exit, and the other running to the rear. This set up, when used with the wedge, provides a seriously decent wake. When we surf, i manually fill a 700lbs sack on the port side.

At the end of the day the storage limitations of the DD prevent the possibility of hiding the sacks and force their owners to engineer the most suitable set up. Utilizing a 400lbs hard tank in the rear, which fits snug under the seat without looking out of place, and the sack in the ski locker, I feel this is the best set up I have seen on any direct drive that is truly automated. We hop in the boat and just flick a switch - instant ballast!

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