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High Pass Cut off

Wake My Day

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Hey Guys; I would like to set my Clarion amp for my in boat speakers to high pass only. I have been managing the over base issue with my wet sounds 420 and im getting quite tired of this. Can anyone tell me what to set the frequency cutout too. Im using the Clarion APX480m.



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Does setting the cutout at 100 mhz make the speakers sound crappy at medium levels? Currenty I love the way my system sounds. I just have to manage the in boat speakers with a reduction of base on my 420 when we go to max levels. I wouldn't want to remove the base from the in boat speakers at medium levels. Does this make any sence??

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As barefootpaul alludes, high passing the in boats should help them blend with the sub. Sub should handle lows and cabins will handle the midbass. It should only sound better when properly tuned.

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The highpass should be set as low as possible. That being said, you know you are too low when the bass notes distort your tower speakers. I would always recommend setting this while listening to them on a variety of the music they will be subjected to with the sub off carefully listening for stress. When you hear it, turn up the HP.

At the same time, the steeper the slope the lower the HP can be set.

Once the HP is set work on the LP from the subs to blend in nicely with the rest of the speakers.

If you are an output fiend and that is your only concern then I'd state it differently. ie, start with the level too high and work your way down. For this type of person the HP will be set to a higher frequency than for someone with different goals. The goal is to keep the frequencies out of those drivers that cause them to mechanical get out of the comfort zone. Where you listen on the volume knob will determine how low you can truly set it.

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If you do not run a sub should the high pass cut off still be at 100? Aren't you essentially removing all bass from your speakers then?

You are removing frequencies that the speakers cannot reproduce anyway. But yeah, you might want to go lower in that case. By not highpassing at all, you are really just lowering the power handling of the speakers because you are trying to make the speakers reproduce tones that they just cannot.

In my car, for instance, where I do have a sub too, I highpass at 63hz... but as deephaven suggests, in my car pure output volume is not my primary goal.

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