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Fly High 711 Install


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I thought I'd outline my Fly High 711 install to help clarify one way to complete this upgrade. This is a pretty straight forward install with either aerator or reversible pumps. I chose aerator, using 3/4" hose. The install is on a 2005 21LSV.

The fill line is T'd off an existing thru-hull used for the locker bag.


The system uses a check valve instead of an anti-siphon loop. I feel the check keeps the pump primed and also prevents draining. There is no auto fill issues since the bag is above the water line.


The hose runs up the access hole to the area under the helm. It is the fed through an access area leading from the helm to the bow. I use 1 fill and 2 drain pumps (1 on each leg). The plumbing and electrical is tied up under the bow seat supports (looks like I need a couple more to prevent sagging?)




The fill hose runs all the to the port leg. The intention was to allow filling of the port side of the bag for surfing. We typically fill the bag to its entirety.

The drains run back through the access to under the helm. I used a Y fitting to plumb the drains through one common thru hull on the starboard side of the boat.


Please excuse the speaker wire and hanging carpet. I'm in the middle of cleaning up an stereo install. The Y fitting works well and the bag drains great. To further clarify the Y fitting use I performed some back yard engineering on a left over fitting.

I simply plumbed the fitting to my garden hose using my hand. Crude but effective for demonstration. You'll notice the majority of water flows out as intended, but a percentage (10-15) does counter flow back into the Y. The pictures show 2 flow rates and as expected the higher rates has less flow back into the Y.



The experiment proves using check valves it the best means of utilizing the Y fitting although 2 pumps off a singles bags seems to work fine.

In the next couple weeks I plan to fill/drain the bag to establish how much weight the bags are actually providing. I also plan to record fill/drain times.

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Look like it's coming along great! Be sure to get an emergency shut off installed between your intake thru hull and the pump "T" in case you need to shut of incoming water due to a unforeseen event like a hose leaking, cracked pump, leaking fitting, etc.

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