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Power Wedge Automatically Deploys

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I'm having issues with my PW.

I don't have any presets activated and I'm finding that the Wedge automatically deploys to the full down position.

I've tried using the Go Home preset to ensure that I tried a few different solutions but ultimately have found that the Wedge seems to have a mind of its own.

After reading the manual I see that you're supposed to start with the Wedge in the down position but nowhere does it say that this will happen on its own.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for a fix?

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Hmmm... Never heard of this happening before. Have you tried manually raising wedge up with the MTC? Has the wedge been calibrated properly?

If you go into maliview settings you can enable the wedge and auto wedge feature. Try this and see what happens. Play around with this turning on and off and see what happens.

Is it randomly deploying when you are just driving the boat? Or is it deploying when you select a rider preset? If this is the case maybe your MTC is defective, does everything else work good on the MTC?

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That's what my dealer said, that he's never heard of this problem before.

I am going to calibrate the wedge but it seems to already be spot on judging by where it moves via the presets.

The annoyance of this is that when I'm ready to take off and return to the dock I periodically get the warning that the wedge is all of a sudden down. This is a minor inconvenience to me but if I ever let my Father or anyone else drive I feel like they wouldn't know what to look for and could potentially cause problems.

I'm considering a factory reset and a calibration.

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Actually, now that you mention it, I think my dealer replaced a MTC last season because a customer was having problems with the wedge. Not sure if it was the same issue you are having. They sold 35 Malibus last season and they said two of them had to have the MTC replaced (mine being one of them). Might want to inquire to your dealer about the MTC being defective? Seeing this is how you deploy the wedge, maybe the MTC is actually deploying it and is defective????

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Sounds like the sensor poisiton may need to adjusted or you could need a new Mux Box or Viper Module. The wedge can be a royal pain in the a** if it wants to be. When it works, wow!!

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Yes I'm using AutoWedge...but the wedge moves when not using presets and likes to do its 'ghost' thing while we are just sitting out in the middle of the lake floating. Waiting to hear from my dealer...supposedly he has only one other boat doing this???

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Yes. Exact same problem you had. I called it the "ghost wedge". Dealer said they had experienced this before and something about some wiring being to close together? Anyway, replaced the MTC and all is good now. Malibu knows about this issue. If your dealer has questions have them call Water Ski America in Dallas.

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Haha, I agree with the 'tubing' virus...I'll get the dealer to replace the MTC and hopefully the ghost is busted.Thanks

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Started my own post before I saw this, but  my 2016 LSV23 does the exact same thing.  Makes it difficult to get back to the dock!  My dealer has never heard of it so this string will be helpful.  I'll have the MTC replaced.  

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2016 Malibu boats use a Viper 2 controller at the helm that sends data to an I/O module behind the port rear seat, and that sends a voltage signal to a relay pack to make the wedge move, and the position is monitored by an external sensor.  It is a very different setup than the MTC, power module, Lenco control box used in 2011-2014 Malibu boats that are referred to in the posts.

I find that many power wedge and surf gate issues are caused by a loose connection on the large power cable post located on the port stringer under the rear seat.

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