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fault codes

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not to hijack ths thread, but it seems I have 1 inactive code as well that says "mech system not resp properly".

any ideas on what exactly this means?

the boat seemed to spudder under heavy load but did not cut off. it then idle'd at a very high rpm as we made our way back to the trailer (i didn't want to get stuck out). as we creeped back to the dock it seemed like it would really buck as you took it in and out of gear.

when i got home, it seemed to start and run fine

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no one huh?

here's a pic:


What does this code mean? I have no other codes listed...could it be related to bad gas or something?

just another bit of info...after i got home, I went to flush it and the boat ran fine then all of a sudden, a lot of white "smoke" came out the exhaust...could probably have been steam cuz it seemed to dissapate fairly quickly. it then seemed to start to overheat...the temp was up around 200. once I saw that, I turned it off. 2 days later I came back to try again and it ran without issue...no overheating, no "steam", no high idle...any ideas?

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I had a look at the owners manual and it had a specific piece of information that sounded pertinent to my situation:

"ETC failure: If for any reason, any part of the electronic throttle control system fails; (unplugged, wire cut, short, lost of power, sensor failure) the engine controller will default to "Idle". You will have "no" control of the throttle, the "Engine Failt" alarm will also be activated. If this ever happens, turn the key OFF and then restart. This will reset the computer area network. If this condition continues, take the boat to the dealer".

This sounds exactly like what happened in my situation. The "Eng Fault" alarm sounded and then the boat wouldn't go past idle as we crept back to the dock. As I stated earlier, when running the engine on the trailer, everything sounded ok. I guess I should take it out again and see if the alarm is triggered again?

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I found a indmar document on the bakes site that discusses all the fault codes:

I'm not sure what boat you have, but if its an '07 or later, check out the Indmar Service and Diagnostic MEFI5 & 5A manual from this site:


I found the answer for my fault code...(still don't really know what to do to fix tho...)

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