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Boat First Aid Kit - What Do You Carry


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We are in need of a new first aid kit for the boat, wondering what things people carry for an emergency.

The one we have now has some basics -

Thermal / Foil banket

Two sizes bandaids

Medical tape


First Aid Cream

"Instant" light bar (you bend and break it, it lights)

Instant cold pack


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I have basically the same kit. Plus I've added a large package of guaze & tape. Seems like one of the more common injuries we've had are nasty cuts. You will end up sacrificing a towel or two in those cases. But it sure makes it easier if you can dress it & wrap it for the trip to the ER.

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I have a big yellow plastic cased one. It has a good bit of gear in it. One big one that helped me when I broke my face was the instant cold packs. I had ice on my face from the time I got out of the water until 48 hours later. I think it made a HUGE difference in the amount of pain I was in the next couple days and how little it swelled and turned black and blue. The doc said if it weren't for the ice half my faced would have been half black and blue.

Another big thing is something to flush/wash lake water out of a nasty cut and then stop the bleeding.

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Benadryl, Advil, Pepto, ~ with a dose chart 4 the kids & adults. I also carry the instant ice packs, along with mid size first aid kit. Make sure you have tweezer :)

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throw in a roll of self fusing silicone tape.

it will stick to its self, even under water.

it will do the job even when the 'patient' is wet.

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Nothing. I think there has been one or two times a bandaid might have been useful, but that's about it. Heck, I used to carry tools on my old boat and haven't even done that on this one (other than the crescent wrench for the plug and there might be a screwdriver in there).

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JustinCase FirstAidKit $19 version- has everything

Duffle Bag survival Gear- Blanket-flashlight/stobe-radio-water-firestarter-large Swiss Army Knife kit-packet food-tarp

Pouch Bag Tools -sockets, open ends, screw drivers, wire cutters, hammer, fuses, sissors, 16ga wire, duct tape,

Jumper Cables,Flare Gun, Danforth anchor, shore spike

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Super glue works great for cuts and works when you are wet. "Co-ban" and non-stick pads and a couple of sanitay pads just in case some one has a major leg or arm bleed (fins on skis and boards can get nasty). Maybe I have spent to may hours in the back of an Ambulance so I go way to over board, but so far I have been able to handle everything that has been thrown at me. Oh, make sure you have some gloves. If you are like us we always have non-famiiy with us and you never know what they might have and they are easy to through away when dirty.

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