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Advice needed for running wire in my tower


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I have the Skylon Swoop tower. I don't have any lights, speakers, etc. on it, so no wires are ran through. I'm pretty good at fishing wire, so getting it through the tube is not my biggest concern (I have fish tape, glow rods, and some other tricks for that). The entry/exit points are my biggest concern.

For the top, I'm going to disassemble the upper cross bar so that's easy. I am wondering how I should go about making the hole in the tower so that I don't get a bunch of water in it. Probably on the side; it shouldn't be too visible.

My biggest concern is the exit point at the bottom. Pictured below is the reason for my concern:

This is where the tower disconnects to fold, so can't run it through this attachment point:


Here is the heim joint at the back, the only other attachment point. Again, no great way to run he wire:


I am thinking of exiting out of the tube right above the weld seam:


Any suggestions/info? I am running an LED tower light so I can run a pretty small gauge wire. Any suggestions on grommets to use? I will have to just drill into the top deck of the boat w/ a grommet in order to get it inside.

Any extra info would be appreciated.

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The somewhat overkill eight conductor solution (you could certainly go two or four conductor too, but this way you can plan for upgrades down the road)...

This: http://www.ebay.com/...3#ht_500wt_1145 (this is 14awg... I know that there is 13awg eight conductor wire out there too)


Plus this on the top deck: http://www.parts-exp...tnumber=092-055


With some grommets from the lower bar to the upper bar and cover the cable in techflex: http://www.ebay.com/...tr#ht_500wt_911

use a little heatshrink on each end of the techflex or else it will fray and look ghetto. You should be able to make the techflex segment long enough that the heatshrink is behind the grommets inside the tubes so all you see is techflex.

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I also have the Skylon Swoop tower that was factory wired and then re-wired by me. Here's a pic of where they ran the wires. If I was to start from scratch, I'd run them up the observer's side of the tower like you are suggesting in your pics. I have had no issues with water through the holes.


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Done. I decided some sealant would be good enough for entering the deck.

One thing I did (unhappily) notice was when I drilled into my tower, water started coming out! There are no obvious holes or water entry points into the tower, but it got there some how. Bit of a poor design to not allow for any drain holes in it.





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