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ok launched boat in water, turned ignition on and nothing happened,after countless things we ran down that we had a bad solenoid on the starter. we replaced the starter with new starter not just the solenoid. still nothing. we then relaized a fuse was array. We replaced fuse and finally had the motor turning over. after countless minutes of the engine not firing we checked for fuel pressure,all good. Then checked ECU or the "computer" for loose connections and bald wires .we see none. I then talk my friend into hooking his laptop up to the boat and read the error codes. Crank Sensor Fault it reads. Ok great, replace that,then we check for the engine to start,still nothing. well laying around the shop happened to be a new ECU, that had the same serial numbers as mine. we then hooked up the new ECU and still nothing. Not done yet, we checked continuity on all 3 wires leading in to the crank sensor and we found them to be good,at this time i contacted a master certified gm mechanic and ask for his advise. he told me to check for voltage out of the computer at the sensor, and make sure we did not have a ground fault also. we then checked for voltage and it reads 5 volts. we have checked all wire harnesses to the best of our ability and determined no frayed or loose wires. Help what are we missing. Is the voltage supposed to be 5 volts and how likely is it to have afaulty crank sensor that is brand new. also is there any way to test a crank sensor. I ahave all the test gear at my disposall but need some direction.Any ideas from anyone. The boat is still under factory warranty, but weather is nice and I do not want to miss a day of boating if possible. thanks for helping in advance...

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The crank sensor works off a 5V reference from the ECM and sends a pulsating voltage back to the ECM that lets it know the engine is running or cranking. Not that I am doubting your knowledge but are you sure what you changed is the crank sensor? Where was it located? The sensor on the front timing chain cover is the Cam sensor. The crank sensor is a little harder to find. You have to take the starter off to get at it. When you crank the engine, does the ful pump come on while the engine is cranking? Does the tachometer on the dash indicate engine RPM while cranking? The crank sensor is where the tach signal comes from to turn on the fuel pump, injectors etc. I can send you a wiring diagram.

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