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Spend my money


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Ok so I have about a grand to spend on the boat help decide what is useful and what is necessary.

If you don't know I have a 05 Vride with the tower but no accessories. Stock Sony stereo,

I have the temp gauge and depth and a flip up bolster but other than that the boat is bare bones.

I live in Michigan and we ski early and don't get off the lake till November.

We don't have the wedge because we prefer the wake without it.

So with that being said here are my ideas to use the money on

Board racks



What do you think?


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It's cold up your way so I'd make sure my @ss was warm.Heater maybe a shower.

Other than that I like my tunes to sound good, so lots of stereo gear would be my second choice after the heater.

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I could down grade the racks to the plastic ones Chris Anthoney is selling for 99 a piece. Then get the Bazzoka tubbies but PP is a little out of the reach this year.


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First off, I saw the title of this thread and I got way to excited :)

What kind of stereo do you have in the boat? Do you want to upgrade it? Do you want tower speakers? PP would be cool but then you couldn't get anything else. Are you looking to add bling or function?

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You could do the heater & a pair of the Titan Low Riders all for under $1000. You can buy the pair of racks through Wakeside for less than $500 & the heater wouldn't run you that much. You might even have a little left over for something else. I'd really recommend buying quality racks, you'll probably find that if you don't, you'll end up spending the money later anyway. The Low Riders are a lot of bang for the buck. JM2C

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Your going to get pulled in every direction on here unless you say what you really want/need. If you want to get lots of stuff look at buying used that way you can get more. There are always people selling racks in good condition for cheap. If you want stereo stuff you can buy it used or new from ebay and save a ton of money. This is a stretch put do you have an iPod? I consider that a boating need now days.

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I could down grade the racks to the plastic ones Chris Anthoney is selling for 99 a piece.

Do you have a link for these racks? I've never heard of them.

The company that Chris has IIRC is called WakeWorx but their site isn't working. I have heard good things about those racks that are plastic. They are I guess really strong made out of not normal plastic but something stronger. I think that Chris is also part of that new company Epic Boats, BICBW.

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The heater is nice, but folks in the boat can always bundle up. If money is an issue, I'd suggest the shower in place of a heater. It is the difference between an enjoyable ride and misery. YMMV

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I understand the need for PP but I don't mind driving and the guys I ride with don't b**** when the speed is off 1 mile an hour. We will get it but not this time.

I do think quantity this time around is the way to go.

I just bought two of Chris's racks for 100.00 shipped

I have found some Bazooka Tubbies for 189.00 they will go well with the Bazooka powered sub I already have. I don't think they will be audiable at 75 ft but I have heard at moterate levels they sound good.

I looked at heaters for 300.

So I think these are all do able.

How much to install my own warm water shower?

What should the other 400 go for?


Thanks for the help everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I have the ipod we even watch DVD'S on the laptop hooked up to the stereo during our night sessions

That brings up another idea

LED's ???????????????

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Until you've used PP you won't know.

In your situation, I would absolutely get the PP first. If you don't have the money, then I'd save until you did and then get it.

It will help in so many ways:

- Anyone will be able to drive and give YOU a good pull, including your spouse.

- It will increase safety incredibly. Instead of watching the MPH/RPM you will be able to pay attention to where you're going, other boats on the lake, the rider, others in the boat, etc. Until you experience PP you won't know the impact - but this is SIGNIFICANT. Especially for others who aren't as familiar with your boat, or the boat driving experience.

- Resale - it will increase the resale of your boat by at least the cost what you put into it.

And THEN get the stereo. :)

my $.02

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I agree with Andy but I also disagree. I am not a great boarder by any means, I can probably get a max of 5-6 feet of air and I can only land every other w2w 180. That being said I don't NEED the speed to be perfect (although it would be nice) There are lots of other things that I could do to better my boarding skill without having the speed exactly perfect. Sure I would love to have the peftect pull everytime but for me personally I decided to sink my money into the stereo and fat sacks. I (we) spend way more time listening to music then actually boarding so I decided that a big stereo would better fit my needs. I am not saying that I wouldn't want PP, because my goal this summer is to get my dad to fork over 1k for PP.

If my goal was to get better at bording and skiing then I would have done PP right off the bat, but thats not my goal. I like to swim and lay on rafts while listening to music. I like to buy pointless stuff like LED lights, I sometimes even go out with only 1 other person and no intention of wakeboarding, just hanging out. IMO it all comes down to what you want out of your boat. Do you want to get good at doing stuff behind the boat or do you want to get a tan and destroy your hearing? There is no right or wrong answer and everyone is going to want something different. I would say to figure out what you want out of your boat and then spend your money accordingly.

Or you could just win the lottery....

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Looks like you already spent the money, but PP would have been where I put it, hands down. Even for a poor-to-medocre boarder, the speed of the boat makes a huge difference in the size and shape of the wake. I'm no great wakeboarder, but I can't stand being behind a boat w/o PP. Anyway, since you already bought stuff, you can just make it the next item on your list.

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I have used PP one of the guys I ride with has it on his Xstar I like it but I don't need it, yes it makes the ride for the driver and the rider better but if my driver goes up or down a few miles per hour it doesn't piss me off. So with that being said I did buy a set of racks for 100 bucks I couldn't believe he acceptted my offer. So now its on to the next thing on the list. Which I believe is the heater. I went to DIY site and priced out the shower and I can do it for 100 so I am on that parts list hunt this week. So for 500 bucks I am getting 2 racks a two outlet heater and a hotwater shower. I am going to propose to my partner in the boat that we each kick down 5 for the PP and wait on the speaker tubs.


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Come on itch!! if you don't have at least 5k for me to spend don't waist my time. Tongue.gif

Heater, board racks and a set of tower speakers. I have a set of 6 1/2 on my work bench that I may be selling if my buddy doesn't by them.

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