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stuck on the lake

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The medalion gages do that when they don't get a signal from the ECM. I have seen it on other brand boats as well. Key off and restart usually clears it. If you get it on a regular basis start checking the connections between the gage cluster, the distribution box under the helm and the ECM. The gages function via CAN on the newer boats and some times the connection can be flakey.

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This exact thing happen to us. Running and then lost communication. We found the ground cable on the engine not to be connected, the cable was just laying on the stud without a nut. Eventually we had to buy a new ECU as ours was confirmed TOAST

Feeling for you, hope it is just a loose connector. Remember to look under the dash to make sure the ground wires are secured to the grounding block. Also check your battery cables to make sure they are nice and tight.

Paul from Bakes has a post with a list of troubleshooting ideas here on this forum that helped us out.

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Pete wins thanks all for playing. Returned to dock, shut it off, waited a minute, and it fired back up with all gagues reading correct, weird!

I'm gonna need you to FedEx those 1k ndawg bucks. I don't trust the USPS.

Just found out how freakin' expensive installing bamboo is, thank God I've got those Ndawg bucks coming.

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Got a tracking number?

Wait, lemme guess, it's 1800NOSUCHTHING. :rofl:

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Pete wins thanks all for playing. Returned to dock, shut it off, waited a minute, and it fired back up with all gagues reading correct, weird!

I had that exact same thing happen on start up last weekend. I started the engine while sitting on the trailer in the water. The alarm came on and I thought it was the typical shallow alarm as I have the set fairly deep. I got the same alert you did. I quickly shut the engine off, waited a second and restarted. All was well. Ran well the rest of the day.

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I get this fairly often, like once a day, and it doesn't prevent the boat from running just the gauges from working. Most of the time it will come back on by itself, but sometimes I have to restart the boat for it to go away.

I have spent hours trying to track this down by trying to touch and check every connection, but have been unsuccessful. It frustrating but at the same time it doesn't really cause any problems.

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Happens to me occassionally too. A shut off and turn on has always cleared the problem. It happens so infrequently it doesn't bother me. If it happened once a day (Like calilsv) it would be back at the dealer to have it figured out.

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