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Idle Rpms

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I just bought a 99 SS LXI. Runs amazing. It is idling at about 600 rpms which seems, sound wise, great. The speed at which I come into docking with the momentum is very fast. I have been boating long enough to make adjustments, it just seems too fast. I am reluctant to make any adjustments, because of how great it runs. Is is just because this boat is a beast( bigger than I have had in the past) that this is par for the course? Thanks, Newbie TK

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That is a good idle speed and a direct drive will propel itself faster than on outboard or I/O at idle. You can drop the idle a bit, 450-500 would not be too low. The key is to make sure when you put in gear it does not die or stumble. Easy to correct if you don't like it just adjust the idle stop for the throttle linkage slightly, mark where you had it so you can return to original if you don't like your change.

If this is your first DD, you will notice that when you want to go very slow, you will tend to engage and disengage (coast) the throttle to propel the boat at the speed you want. You wil find that you will coast up to the dock, learn to use the reverse and sideways pull in reverse of your DD boat to your advantage. There are threads in this site that detail the difference in driving a DD boat compared to others, some very good reading.

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I will try to remember to take note of what my idle is today when I get mine out (SSLXi), but 600 sounds right. I never drive to a dock/trailer fully in gear, always bumping in and out of gear as I get close.

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Assuming you have EFI, you're idle is not adjustable so you'll have to get used to it.

In and out as you come up to the dock that's all

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Thanks. Been driving smaller inboards for awhile. Don't have trouble bumping in and out. It just must be the extra weight. I do love this boat!

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Yep, just bump in and out of gear. Sometimes, the bump into gear is just a fraction of a moment, then back into neutral. Dont be afraid, the tranny's can take it. Same with reverse. With just a moment between forward and reverse. Also, dont be shy about whipping the steering wheel complete left to right or whatever as you are bumping back and forth.

I can inch the sunsetter into any position or point in space.

Steve B.

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