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Going to lake tomorrow! NEED STEREO HELP PLEASE!


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Taking our boat out for the first time tomorrow. We have JBL system. Our iPod won't work so I have copied 60+ songs onto a flash drive. They were from our ITUNES account. I read that I need to change them to mp3...so I changed them from mp4 format to mp3. Connected the flash drive to USB/NAND port on stereo and went through the copy process to the NAND internal memory. It beeped three times when it finished copying (manual says that means it is done copying) and now it still won't play the songs. Any suggestions??? Please help! Leaving tomorrow! Thanks!

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What did you use for the mp3 conversion? I use gold wave to convert my iTunes files and dont have any issues. If all else fails you can get a 3.5 mm male to male plug from best buy and run through the headphone jack from your I pod.

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Thanks for the response! Bobby, tried to play them from USB and will not play either.

Wayne, thanks for the advice. I did not use a converter, I have a Mac and simply changed each file extension on each song to mp3. I thought that seemed a little simple when I googled how to convert those. Maybe that is where I went wrong. Thank you guys for your help. Will try to use a converter.

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no, that's different. go to preferences, and on the import settings, pick import using mp3 encoder, and set for 160kps.

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That last step may not work if he doesn't have a mp3 encoder. If you don't and it requires one download the LAME mp3 encoder. Its free. Also all those file you renamed to mp3 change them back. That will do nothing but cause you more issues. If you need more help you can PM me and I can get you going quickly. Good luck


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I just sent you a message Claudio.

You are right, it says It could not be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats

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I don't think the file kind "Protected AAC audio file" (the $.99, 128k versions) can be converted to "MPEG audio files" (MP3's), they have the DRM still attached. Look for the iTunes plus feature and pay the $.30 per song to convert the tracks to "Purchased AAC audio file". In addition to being a better sample rate (256k) the DRM is a little looser. Try this on a couple tracks and see if you can then convert them to MP3's.

As mentioned above, the path of least resistance would be to play the iPod through the headphone jack to the AUX in..

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LOL I forgot that people actually bought songs from itunes.

So it's a pain, but the way to do it is to burn your itunes purchases to audio cds and then re-import the audio cds as mp3s into itunes. You've already set the import encoder to mp3, so that should work fine.

A male to male 3.5mm ipod cable is probably looking like a good alternative as suggested above.

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You can convert acc files to mp3 within iTunes it's self.

Go into preferences then I think it's on the first page where you can choose file format. Set it to mp3, then copy (duplicate the files) it should convert into mp3 format for you. Then when finish remember to change setts back to acc.

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