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sxt65's power requirement ?


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can I run a pair of sxt65's off just 2 channels of a 800.4..?? they should get 125w rms each.. Will this be enough power..?

this will allow me to run 4 cabin speakers off the other 2 channels... also I will be running a pair of xm9's off a harpoon..

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It'll work, I heard a boat the other day that was doing that, sounded good to me. If down the road you need more you can always add another amp. Good place to start though.

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I was just talking to Exile today about doing that as we have no tower speakers,and was thinking of buying the stx65 with that amps.They said it would make a great sounding boat . Let me know

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Doubling power in a perfect world gains you 3dB. Perceptually to the ear it isn't a huge difference either. In other words going up to 250w won't net you all that much in volume. Not saying it won't improve the sound, but if you are asking if you need more power to up the output ante the answer isn't yes. Add to that the 3dB is theoretical and in the real world you get power compression the net may be even smaller.

Now whether this is relatively enough to mate with the Harpoon and the XM9's is another question. Doubling the number of speakers can also net you 3dB and when you double the power at the same time 6dB. Having two different drivers with different outputs at different frequencies won't exactly let this happen either.

So is it enough? Can't really tell. Will it surely make them play and sound good on their own? I'd say yes. Can they take more? Of course. Would I bother to buy another amp before trying it out? No way. If you've got it, plug it in and run them without the XM9's and then with and see how balanced you can make things and if it is acceptable to you. Then if it is lacking something share what that is and more specific help can be given.

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I'm running 4 sxt65's off a JL360.2. That's only 90 watts each @ 2 ohms. I'll leave it at, it's enough to embarrass the wife. After a season I'm looking to go louder just not sure the net result will be significant with any affordable amp.

The combo is perfect for everything except wakeboarding at 65'+

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