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thinking of taking the dog, what about the hair?


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I would recommend a product called the "Furminator". I have one short haired lab and another ruff coated med/long length hair lab. I am constantly in the battle of hair with the ruff coated guy. I got a fulminator last year and it's been great. It really gets the fur off and helps to keep it manageable between brushings.

The short haired lab is no problem.

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I've got a yellow lab and I use a lint roller on the carpet, it picks up those hairs that are on the on the top and the ones that hook them selves into the weave; works pretty good. I also lay a few towels down on the seats for getting her in and out but for the most part she stays on the floor. The pooch doesn't come out with us most of the time as the heat gets to be to much even with the bimini up.

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+1 on furminator, we have a 3 year old golden who sheds like crazy. On the boat I just plan on vacuuming when we get back to the house, lots of hair but he has a great time on the boat and loves swimming off the platform. The only bad part is he will not go to the bathroom (pee) on the platform and I have to jump in and swim to the shore with him to get him to goto the bathroom. Why he wont pee on the platform area I have no idea, but it stinks in the spring when the water is chilly to have to get in and swim over to the shore with him. Also, keep an eye on them when on the vinyl, they can scuff it pretty easily with there paws.

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I'd be more worried about nails on the vinyl and where they would take a pee. Oops a Lab would be in the water so how fast could they swim is probably a better question. Does your dog surf?

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We have a golden and started taking her out (just got her last year as a puppy). I was concerned about two things

1) Nails that scratch gel and vinyl (gel especially). This was easily fixed by buying her some "booties" which are protective sock-like things with rubber bottoms and velcro straps to tighten around their ankles/wrists whatever you want to call them.

2) Hair and how much extra maintenance it would cause me. To be honest she spends most of her time on the vinyl swim pad which if you have a leather couch at home and cats you know that the hair doesn't attract like a micro fiber couch does. To be honest I haven't seen much of an increase in vacuum necessity at all. At most you'd be looking at vacuuming once per week if anything would be my guess (which isn't a bad idea anyway).

Edit: I should say that I have seen no damage to my boat at all due to the dog and have experience a much more enjoyable time on the lake with her included. She keeps my wife happy, is entertainment between sets, and she pays attention to whats going on so it's kind of cool.

Our dog knows the "potty" command. We simply make her go potty before we get on the boat, do a couple hours worth of sets max, and then give her a chance to potty again. It's really not that big of a deal. We have spot shot and some paper toweling in the boat in case of emergencies and some of my friends are absolutely convinced she'll go in the boat. I would be wiling to bet money she won't. I guess we'll see who wins the bet. I had a pre agreed upon terms with my wife that if she were to make a spot on the carpet my wife agrees to budget carpet replacement.

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Yes, your lab will get hair all over your boat. Yes, you will spend extra time cleaning the capet. Been there done that. It is a mess. But on the good side most of the hair will dry and blow out when you tow the boat home at the end of the day. Our lab would not leave our boat, it was his haven; because he knew it was the only way back home.

He did scuff up the seats because he would try to "fluff" an area to lay down on. Damn Dog!

But he was great family dog. RIP Baxter

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We've got two Goldens and I bought some towells that are a similar color to the carpet and I lay those down on the floor- everywhere. Then I take a lot of extra towells for them when they get in the boat they spend a few minutes drip drying on the swimdeck and then I have towells laid out on the back locker. The rest of the time they just lay on the towells that are on the floor. It's extra time to get it good and clean but, the boys are worth it- they love being out there just as much as we do!

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Our two dogs go with us almost every trip. We have a doberman mix and a Maremma sheep dog mix (look it up; very interesting breed) that's white. We keep the sheep dog shaved and the doberman has very short managable fur, but make no mistake, we have black and white fur farking everywhere. If you lift up the cushions there's fur in under and around every surface. My wife does a good job keeping it clean, but it's a job.

She keeps their nails trimmed up well and they haven't punctured or scuffed the vinyl anywhere that I've seen. However on the 2010 there's a relatively soft liner on the swim platform and it's scratched all over the edges from them getting in after a swim. I just plan on replacing it in a couple years. The sheep dog can hold it forever, but the doberman has to go more often. We're teaching him to 'get busy' on the swim platform for just number one. You might think it's gross, but once you take your dog to shore and they roll in a dead fish or worse, you won't mind as much. With surf ballast our swim platform is under water anyway.

The dogs are our children. Plus it's all worth it when you have this:

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That is very cool. I would love to be able to surf with my dog. How did you ever get him to not struggle when you are getting ready to start?

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That is very cool. I would love to be able to surf with my dog. How did you ever get him to not struggle when you are getting ready to start?

The life vest he's wearing has a handle in the middle back, which helps a lot. I hold him between my legs when getting set up and I'm mostly holding him up completely until the board gets flat.

It usually takes a couple tries, though.

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Great vid Tyger, trying to get my Jack Russell terrier Flip to surf w me as well. You have re-inspired me. As far as the hair goes, only worth it if you truely love havin your pets out with ya,more work yes, worth it, you be the judge after you get the hair out of the carpet ect.. If ya vac regularly,weekly in our case it's manageable. Usually only take ours on mellow days w light passenger as they are alot of fun and our jacks love the water and the boat. They get alot of attention on the lake.

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We have a 90 lbs white shepherd and a 60 lbs black & tan German shepherd. They only come out on boat ride only days (the white freaks out when someone is in the water). We clip their nails, and brush them well before going out. So far they haven't ripped any vinyl, but I always have a little residual white dog hair in the boat. Again lots of towels and we keep a dog bowl and fresh water for them. Peeing is an issue as we rarely beach, and neither will go on the swim deck. Those life vests make it a lot easier to pull them onto the swim deck.

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My Co pilots, 100 lb Silver Lab, 70 lb Black Lab and 20 lb Italian Greyhound. Just have to vacuum every once and a while, but I learned to cover back sun pad and seats with towels, as I'll throw the ball 100 times and with the dogs getting in and out, I got some small punctures. The black lab is still a puppy and has started to pee on towel on sun pad. I just am getting him to platform if I catch him now. The others can hold it for hours. I agree the furminator is great, I can't believe how much hair it removes. Oh yeah, the greyhound can actually swim and seems to not mind cooling down when it's 100 degrees out. I set him in and he swims out about 5 feet turns around and then just lays on platform, not running and freaking out, remind you this is 3 years of slowly getting him used to the water!!


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We take our 10 month old golden on every trip. What we have learned:

- Brush well before leaving shore. Furminator rocks!

- A vest is a necessary purchase. Getting a big dog from water to swim platform without a vest (with a handle) is a big chore. RuffWear vest is worth the $$ - outstanding quality

- Booties or soft claws will save your teak platform if you have one

- You will need to vacuum a lot. No way around it. I bought the small 5hp Rigid shop vac from Home Cheapo. It works well for all the nooks and crannies. For the large areas, I let my carpet completely dry and then use my wife's Oreck. I find getting the hair up without a vacuum with a rotary brush to be entirely too labor intensive. Oreck makes it a 2 min job.

All in all it's a lot of extra work, I won't lie. But worth it, IMO.

Edit: they will pee on any shore you pull up to, and even on the swim platform if you train them to.

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