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Need Help Troubleshooting Wiring

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I recently had my battery wiring redone by my local mechanic. When I run my battery switch in position 1 (on) my battery is not being recharged while under power. I will start getting low battery warnings. I'll need to turn my swtich to "both" in order to run for the rest of the day. I put a multimeter on my alternator while under way and it reads 14.36 so I think that checks out fine. I took it back to my Malibu mechanic and he said it is wired correctly and I had a bad battery. I replaced both blue tops, headed out for the weekend, and I got the same problem half way through the day.

1. Can anyone see anything wrong with the way things are run?

2. Even when my switch is in the off position my VSR's red light stays lit. that does not seem like something that should happen.

Thanks in advance



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The vsr probably stays lit because you have the batteries and the vsr leads on the same posts. So turning the switch off does nothing if one of the sides of the VSR holds a charge higher than the vsr's combining voltage. pretty sure the gel batteries rest at high 13's? I'll bet if you move the vsr leads to the "top" posts on the switch that the light will turn off when you turn off the switch. But longer term, you might consider getting a vsr that's gel-cell compatible with a higher threshold voltage, otherwise you're still going to be combined when floating (at least till the batteries wear down below the vsr's threshold voltage), which sorta defeats the purpose?

The way you have it wired you have a reserve battery that's never tapped until you turn the switch to combine, and another battery that does everything else (stereo, starting etc.). Nothing wrong with that, though that's not necessarily how you'd see all systems wired. Mine is set up like this, albeit with a different vsr than yours (apologies that some of the positive leads are black in the diagram, but you get the idea):


Not sure about why the low voltage alarm. What voltage are you getting on the lead from the alternator at the switch?

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not trying to kidnap this thread but what charging voltage do you guys see. My dash reads at idle 12.5 and volt meter says 12.9 and at 3,000 rpms the dash reads 13.2 and volt meter says 13.7.

This seams low. A car charging system would be and stay in the 14v range most of the rpm

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Thanks shawdoggy. Provided that I am running on batt 1 and i get a low voltage warning on my dash as the day goes on it tells me that my batt 1 is not being charged. It is not until I switch to both that the warning messages go away and I can run fine and the voltage I can run all day long after that.

Do you have any suggestions on what I would need to change if I wanted the second battery to be charged while the engine is running and the vsr will switch over when the engine is off? That is the most common setup I would imagine.

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